Careers in the Arts, Humanities, and Communication Pathway are related to the performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These careers include actor, teacher, painter, graphic designer, writer, lawyer, communications director, musician, interpreter, journalist, and social media manager.

Do you believe in the power of artistic expression to shape the world around you? Are you interested in honing your skills of communication to advocate for yourself and others? Arts, Humanities, and Communications prepare you for career mobility. Students develop cultural awareness and competency that serve them throughout a lifetime of careers and throughout career progression.

Programs in This Pathway


Pierce College's art department offers a wide range of studio and lecture courses for art majors, including classes for digital design students and those who simply wish to explore their creative interests and abilities.
Pierce College's Communication Studies program provides a foundation by preparing students to transfer to a four-year college for further study of communications and broadcasting
Explore your creativity in the exciting, high-tech world of graphic design and dynamic media production. Learn how to create innovative print advertisements, understated corporate imagery and attention-grabbing websites with animation and sound.
Our English program exposes students to the skills, ideas, and literary works that are the foundation of a liberal arts education; courses in this program fulfill the basic transfer requirements for most colleges and universities.
The Journalism program is designed to prepare students for transfer as majors in various areas of communication. Pierce's basic courses in journalistic writing and mass media provide a good background for those pursuing communication careers in print journalism, broadcast journalism, advertising, and public relations.
The Pierce College Music program is well-equipped to prepare you for a career or further education in music. Our excellent faculty and curriculum are among the best in the region.
Philosophy is active, critical, and speculative inquiry into the meaning of human existence, the nature of reality, human knowledge and its justifications, and the pursuit of acceptable grounds for human conduct.
Get a thorough exposure to all aspects of the theatre arts and digital video, and work closely with faculty to plan course work that will transfer to a four-year college. Transfer students from the theatre program usually do well in a university setting because of the broad general education they receive.
Foreign language study combines learning to speak, read, and write a language with exposure to the culture or cultures that use that language. It also includes understanding of how a language is structured and of problem-solving abilities within that structure.