Getting Started on Your Career Path

Whether you know exactly which career you wish to pursue or you’re still deciding, Pierce College provides easy-to-use tools to help you explore and set career goals. And, if you change your mind along the way, your Pierce College support network will help you move to a career path that’s right for you.

We will help you create a map that shows where you are headed, what academic path you will follow, and how long it will take you to reach the end goal.

Our Career Pathways are designed to simplify choices for you. Courses are grouped together to form clear paths through your college experience and into your career, whether you enter your career directly after graduation or transfer to a university for more study in your chosen field. We offer targeted advising to help you choose a path, stay on the path, learn what you need to know, and graduate. 

Exploring yourself and your career options will help you decide what you most want in terms of lifestyle and the type of work that you want to do, so that you can make informed decisions about your Career Pathway and get the most out of your educational journey at Pierce College.

Explore Career Pathways

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Not sure which career path to pursue? Check out career exploration tools to discover Career Pathways that fit with your interests and skills.

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Already know what career direction you wish to pursue? Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about our Career Pathways. Explore the six Career Pathway areas.

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Each Career Pathway includes programs of study. The program you choose is your specific focus within the Career Pathway. Pierce's programs of study are listed on the Career Pathways web pages and in the college catalog. Learn about the courses associated with each Career Pathway.

A course map is a sequence of courses intentionally designed by Pierce College faculty to meet the requirements for a particular program of study and earn a degree or certificate. Course maps are available in the college catalog and on the Career Pathways web pages.

Create a Plan

You will work one-on-one with an advisor who will help you create customized plans to support your success.

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Your Starfish Degree Planner is your customized schedule of courses and activities needed for graduation. It will keep you informed of your progress towards degree or certificate completion.

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A funding plan will help you stay on track paying for college.

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A success support plan will help you balance your academic life with issues such as transportation, work scheduling, child care and more.

Connect with Support

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Throughout your time at Pierce College, you’ll be connected with a support network of instructors, academic advisors, financial planning advisors, tutors, and support services, all focused on your academic success.

Pierce College Six Career Pathway Areas

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Arts, Humanities, and Communication

Express yourself and choose from a broad range of creative careers with the Arts, Humanities, and Communication career pathway. Careers include social media, acting, teaching, graphic design, communications, journalism and art. Develop cultural awareness and critical thinking skills that will serve you through a lifetime of career mobility.

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Prepare to thrive in the ever-changing global economy through the Business career pathway. Careers include accounting, management, entrepreneurship, project management and human resources. Develop skills in communications, inclusiveness, integrity, initiative, ethics and leadership — all critical to success in business.

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Ignite young minds and pursue a fulfilling career in teaching through the Education career pathway. This pathway prepares you to teach in early childhood, elementary, and secondary school settings. Choose from options depending on the age group and subjects you wish to teach. Learn to apply your skills and personality to becoming an effective, inspiring educator.

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Serve others and choose from dozens of rewarding careers through the Healthcare career pathway. These high-demand careers include nursing, medicine, dental hygiene, medical coding/billing, veterinary technology, physical therapy, fitness training and allied health fields. You’ll work in a team-oriented environment, applying your compassion and skills to improve people’s lives.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Services

Explore how people think, feel and interact — individually and in society — with the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Services career pathway. Choose from an array of people-focused careers, including public service, economics, counseling, social welfare, archaeology, research, law enforcement, politics, government and homeland security. Help serve others while developing a deeper understanding of societal institutions.

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Stay at the forefront of emerging technologies with a high-demand career through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career pathway. Careers include biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science and astronomy. Develop your intellectual curiosity, logical reasoning and collaboration skills.