health education center buildings on puyallup and fort steilacoom campuses

Fort Steilacoom HEC

Whether it's fitting in a workout between classes or grabbing a pick-up game of basketball or volleyball afterwards, the Health Education Center at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is the perfect stopping point for students seeking to energize, recharge and improve their health.

With 60,000 square feet of open, inviting space (including a 14,000-square-foot gym, the home court of Pierce College Raiders basketball and volleyball teams) with ample natural light and helpful, welcoming staff, the HEC is more than a place for exercise. It is also a state-of-the-art learning facility and home to our Diagnostic Health and Fitness Technician program, as well as a number of recreational and informational health courses. Stop in today!

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Puyallup HEC

The Health Education Center at Pierce College Puyallup is truly a student-centered facility committed to promoting overall health and wellness, positive attitudes and social connections.

The 16,000-square-foot center offers an inviting atmosphere for independent exercise and group fitness classes, as well as classroom space and sitting areas for socializing and studying. The large windows and modern design encourage reflection and appreciation of the natural beauty so readily visible throughout the facility. Join now!

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