Pierce College creates quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners to thrive in an evolving world.


Possibilities realized: Innovative and engaged learners enriching our local and global communities.


  • Learning
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability

Core Themes and Objectives


The community Pierce College serves will have access to comprehensive educational offerings and support services.

  1. Learning opportunities will align with students’ educational and career goals, and will be consistent with workforce needs.
  2. Students will have timely access to the support services they need to accomplish their educational and career goals.
  3. We will engage with, and equitably serve, our diverse communities.


Pierce College will assure quality and continuous improvement in all endeavors.

  1. Departments and programs will meet or exceed their stated outcomes.
  2. We will meet the requirements for accreditations, fiscal viability, compliance measures, and other elements necessary to sustain our work.
  3. We will provide, and employees will engage in, learning and development opportunities that contribute to mission fulfillment.

Contribution to the Community

Pierce College will be a recognized leader in building and sustaining academic, industry, and broad-based community partnerships to advance educational opportunities and align with economic development.

  1. We will initiate, lead, and sustain mission-driven partnerships and collaborations within our community.
  2. Our community will recognize Pierce College’s value and impact.
  3. We will foster economic equity and development within our community.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Pierce College will promote an equitable, diverse environment for teaching, learning, and working, with collaborative decision-making and mutual respect.

  1. Our infrastructure will foster positive teaching, learning, and working opportunities.
  2. Employees and students will be engaged in, and support, shared governance.
  3. We will engage students, employees, and community members in ways that respect human dignity and lead to equitable, inclusive experiences.

Student Learning and Success

Students will experience quality, relevant learning that maximizes their potential for success.

  1. Students will make timely progress toward their educational and career goals.
  2. Students will achieve institutional and programmatic learning outcomes.
  3. Students will be successful when they transfer for further education or move directly into the workforce.

Download a Mission, Vision, and Core Themes poster.

Download the Strategic Plan, 2017–2024.