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Your AA Degree .... no books!
Pierce Open Pathways (POP)

Pierce College at JBLM is proud to offer a fully transferable Associate of Arts degree using open educational resources. This means little to no textbook cost!

The POP program provides:

  • Savings: Most class resources are either open or freely available online or in the library, saving students more than $2,000 in textbook costs throughout their two-year degree.
  • Flexibility: Classes are offered online and face-to-face to suit your preferences. In addition, you can mix and match with non-POP classes.
  • Predictable schedules: POP classes are clearly marked on the schedule and will be offered every quarter so you can map your degree pathway from start to finish.

Note: Some classes charge a $10 fee for digital resource hosting for POP materials.

POP Associate of Arts-DTA Course Map
(90 credits required)

Distribution Area Course Number Course Title
Developmental Studies 

ENGL 098
ENGL 099
MATH 096 (7 cr)
READ 099
Basic Writing Skills
Introduction to Composition
Intermediate Algebra in Context
Reading for College
(10 cr)

ENGL& 101
ENGL& 102
ENGL& 235
Composition I
Composition II: Argumentation and Research
Technical Writing
Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning
(5 cr)

MATH& 107
MATH& 141
MATH& 142
MATH& 146
Math in Society
Precalculus I
Precalculus II
Introduction to Statistics
(15 cr) 
ART& 100
ART 105
CMST& 220
ENGL 239
ENGL& 244
HUM& 101
HUM 106
SPAN& 121
SPAN& 122
SPAN& 123
Art Appreciation
Introduction to Art
Public Speaking
World Literature
American Literature I
Introduction to Humanities
Ethnic Thought and Culture
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Social Sciences
(15 cr)
BUS& 101
HIST& 126
HIST& 127
HIST& 156
HIST& 157
HIST& 214
POLS 208
PSYC& 100
PSYC& 200
SOC& 101
SOC& 201
Introduction to Business
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
History of U.S. I
History of U.S. II
Pacific Northwest History
U.S. Campaigns and Elections
General Psychology
Lifespan Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Natural Sciences
(15 cr) 
ASTR& 101 (w/lab)
BIOL& 100 (w/lab)
BIOL& 170
CHEM& 161 (w/lab)
CHEM& 162 (w/lab)
CHEM& 163 (w/lab)
ENVS& 100
NSCI 150 (w/lab)
NSCI 160 (w/lab)
NUTR& 101
OCEA& 101 (w/lab)
OCEA 170 (w/lab)
PHYS& 110 (w/lab)
Introduction to Astronomy
Survey of Biology
Human Biology: Anatomy & Physiology
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
General Chemistry III
Survey of Environmental Science
Environmental Biology
Introduction to Oceanography
Marine Biology
Physics for Non-Science Majors
General Transferrable Electives
(15 cr)
EDUC& 202  Introduction to Education
General Electives
(15 cr)
BUS 134
BUS 240 
CJ 103 (1 cr)
CJ 280 (1 cr)
COLLG 110 (3 cr)
HSCI 119 (w/lab)
HSCI 140 (w/lab)
HSCI 151
HSCI 200
HSCI 210
MNGT 130
MNGT 194
MNGT 283
MNGT 295
READ 101 (3 cr)
Introduction to Social Media
Human Relations in the Workplace
Criminal Justice: Success Seminar
Criminal Justice Culminating Project
College Success
Human Health and Disease
Contemporary Health Science Problems
Personal and Community Health
Human Stress - Its Nature and Control
Customer Relationship Management
Principles of Leadership
Principles of Management
Human Resource Management
College Reading

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