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You can still access the library support you need remotely during our campus closure. Find out more on our Online Library Ask Desk.

Returning Items to the Library

Did you borrow a Chromebook, hotspot, or calculator for Fall quarter and want to continue to borrow it for Winter? Please complete this online form after you have registered for winter quarter classes.

Books from the library, Running Start, and Veterans’ Center can be returned to the library book drops or during return events on December 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14.  Technology items must be returned to a person, not in the book drop boxes. Technology return hours and locations.

Check back in mid-December for information about borrowing technology items for winter quarter.

Questions? Please contact Lori Broberg at the Puyallup campus ( or 253-840-8308) or Velvet Marlin at the Fort Steilacoom campus ( or 253-912-2311).

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