Primary College Communication

Students provide their preferred email address at the point of application for admission.  Pierce College uses this email as the primary method for official communication to students.    To protect student confidentiality related to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students must utilize their preferred email listed in ctcLink. Official email notifications include security alerts, campus closure information, information technology services alerts, required federal and state notifications, student specific financial aid and registration notifications, and all other communication that relates directly to individual student transactions or issues. Preferred email may also be used for the promotion of alumni opportunities after the student graduates or transfers to another school.

Secondary College Communication

Students provide additional contact information at the point of admission including phone number. The college uses secondary electronic methods to communicate general information to students.  Methods used may include text messaging and messages sent via the Canvas learning management system. General information includes matters that affect the health and safety of the campus community, academic success resources, and information related to the College's mission and values, campus events, and general announcements.

Opt-out Options

Students may not elect to opt-out of receiving emails sent to their preferred college email addresses or notifications sent using the Canvas learning management system. Students may elect to stop receiving text messages by replying "STOP".