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What Is Pierce Online?

Pierce online learning provides courses that use the web to enable innovative and quality educational experiences. Pierce Online represents the college's dedication to enriching and expanding access to higher education.

eLearning Department

Our mission in eLearning is to support students and faculty with educational technology to empower you to be successful in your learning. Contact us if you have questions, and feel free to share ideas that can help us do our work better.

Types of eLearning Classes

Online Classes

Online courses allow you to access your course from any location, any time, using web-based technology. These courses are not self-paced, so you'll need to follow the week-by-week structure and schedule of assignment deadlines like a class on campus. These classes have an $8 per credit technology fee per course. 

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid (H) classes combine class work at the physical campus with work that's completed in the online environment. This is a great option if you like online learning, but still enjoy being on campus interacting with teachers and classmates. Check the Schedule carefully for meeting times and locations. These classes have a $4 per credit technology fee per course.

Face-to-Face Classes

Many of our face-to-face classes utilize Canvas and other web based tools to enhance learning.