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New Student Information

To be successful at eLearning, you must honestly assess your ability and willingness to learn independently.

Anyone seriously intending to learn online ought to take the SmarterMeasure assessment before you register. It looks at key areas affecting success and helps you determine your readiness for online learning, presenting personalized feedback in an informative dashboard and report. Many resources are provided to help you improve, leading to a more successful experience.

Week Zero Orientation

Generally, eLearning students must be:

  • Self-motivated. With no regular class meetings or an instructor looming in front of a traditional classroom, successful eLearners have to rely on themselves to ensure their work gets done.
  • Willing and able to invest time. eLearning classes are as demanding as traditional, campus-based classes, so you should expect to make the same time commitment.
  • Organized. You must be responsible for your own work, schedule and deadlines.
  • Comfortable with technology. Because eLearning relies entirely on various forms of technology, you should be prepared and well-versed in those technologies.
  • Independent and assertive. To be successful, eLearners must be willing to speak up when they need help, and be able to take charge of their education.

Log in to SmarterMeasure

  1. Browse to
  2. Review the introductory info in the main area of the page
  3. Click the larger button "Login for First Time Users" in the box on the right
              • Select the username "New and Returning Students"
              • Enter the password "new-return2018" (without quote marks)
  4. Complete the assessment following the prompts. It will take 30–45 minutes. You can stop, then return later using the PIN sent to the email address you've entered.
  5. Review the Report, reflect on your ratings and review the resources, particularly in any area with lower ratings.
  6. Return any time you like, to download a copy of your report for instructors/advisors, or to look for useful resources.