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Requests for Accounts, Classrooms and Training

eLearning supports the following systems. Some of these systems require accounts, have training activities, or use a quarterly process to set up their use with active classes. Please use the links in the list below to access the assorted request forms for each need.


Merge Requests

There are criteria from the WA State Attorney General’s office that must be met in order for courses to be merged. Any sections you hope to merge must satisfy the criteria below, please email EdTech indicating the sections you would like to merge and detailing how the sections meet the criteria.

Requests must meet all of the following criteria to permit a merger of multiple sections in a single Canvas shell:

  • All sections have a grounded component (cannot be fully-online course), AND
  • All sections meet at the same time, on the same days, and in the same room for the grounded component, AND
  • All students across all sections meet together during the grounded component.

Ultimately, for some portion of the course, all students need to meet at the same time, on the same days, and in the same room.

Examples – Can it be merged?

  • My online sections have all the same content. Can they be merged?
    No, as it does not meet any criteria above.
  • I have multiple sections of a hybrid. The grounded component is the lab. All labs are in the same room, but students attend a lab when their section is scheduled. Can it be merged?
    No, as criteria #3 has not been met.
  • I have a double lecture. Students meet at different times for lab, but all attend the same lecture in the same room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. Can it be merged?
    Yes! All criteria are met.
  • I have a “clustered” course. Students register for different sections that align with their level, but they all meet in a single lab together every TR at 10 a.m. Can it be merged?
    Yes! All criteria are met.

We are continuing to work on developing systems and a process that will permit more flexibility in merging sections. If you have additional questions, please contact EdTech.