Student logging in to canvas

Your Feedback Matters

At the end of each online course you take at Pierce College, you will be asked to complete a course evaluation in Canvas. This is your chance to reflect on what you have learned and give your instructor useful and specific feedback to help them improve the learning experience for future students.

How do I complete my course evaluations and send proof of completion to my instructor?

You can complete your course evaluation right from Canvas. This tutorial video will help you get started.

What sort of feedback should I provide?

Reviewing the course syllabus and course learning outcomes can help you reflect on what you learned and what worked well for you during the course.

We encourage you to provide:

  • Honest feedback about your personal learning experience
  • Specific examples of what you learned
  • Specific examples of what the instructor did to support your learning
  • Relevant suggestions that would improve the learning experience in the course

Watch this Pierce College course evaluations video to learn more about why student feedback matters and how to provide meaningful feedback.

Will my evaluation affect my grade?

Course evaluations are completely anonymous. Faculty are provided access to the anonymous results after all course grades are submitted.

I completed my course evaluations. Why am I still getting email reminders?

There are two buttons at the end of the evaluations. One will Save the evaluation so you can come back and work on it. The other will Submit the evaluation. If you completed an evaluation but you are still getting a reminder about it, it is likely you clicked the Save button and not the Submit button. Re-open the evaluation and be sure to click Submit.

Can I wait until after the quarter to complete my course evaluations?

Student course evaluations are open during Weeks 9 - 12. Once the quarter ends you cannot submit or make any changes to your answers.