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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Become an elite mental athlete : Commit to building your brain and improving your mental gameBF431.3 .S5584 2013PY Circulation Shelves
You are braveBJ1533.C8 S66 2007FS ECE Shelves
Religion and the marketplace in the United StatesBL2525 .R46155 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Young Islam : the new politics of religion in Morocco and the Arab WorldBP173.7 .S72 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Malcolm X : by any means necessary : a biographyBP223.Z8 L5764 1993FS Circulation Shelves
Malcolm X : by any means necessary : a biographyBP223.Z8 L5764 1993PY Circulation Shelves
The human predicament : a candid guide to life's biggest questionsBD435 .B44 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Paranoid science : the Christian right's war on realityBL240.3 .A48 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Four wise men : the lives and teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus and MuhammadBL72 .M77 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Japanese Confucianism : a cultural historyBL1843 .P37 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Introducing Japanese religionBL2202.3 .E45 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Shinto : a historyBL2218 .H37 2016FS Circulation Shelves
American covenant : a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the presentBL2525 .G667 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Religious freedom in America : a reference handbookBL2525 .L46 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Religious freedom in America : a reference handbookBL2525 .L46 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The illusion of God's presence : the biological origins of spiritual longingBL53 .W324 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Choosing our religion : the spiritual lives of America's NonesBL71.5 .D74 2016PY Circulation Shelves
The Buddhist worldBQ4055 .B8535 2016FS Circulation Shelves
From the outside looking in : essays on Mormon history, theology, and culture ; the tanner lectures on Mormon historyBX8611 .F76 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Step forward with gritBF698.35.D48 W45 2017FS ECE Shelves
Step forward with responsible decision-makingBF723.D34 W45 2017FS ECE Shelves
Step forward with gratitudeBF723.G7 W45 2017FS ECE Shelves
Step forward with problem solvingBF723.P8 W45 2017FS ECE Shelves
Holy wars & holy alliance : the return of religion to the global political stageBL65.P7 G69313 2017FS Circulation Shelves
The varieties of religious repression : why governments restrict religionBL65.S8 S27 2015PY Circulation Shelves
A cabinet of philosophical curiosities : a collection of puzzles, oddities, riddles and dilemmasBC108 .S75 2016FS Circulation Shelves
What love is : and what it could beBD436 .J46 2017FS Circulation Shelves
The crucible of IslamBP50 .B69 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Everyday HinduismBL1202 .F58 2015PY Circulation Shelves
The lively experiment : religious toleration in America from Roger Williams to the presentBL2525 .L585 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Atheism : what everyone needs to knowBL2747.3 .R835 2015PY Circulation Shelves
The lessons of nature in mythologyBL435 .M33 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Disability and world religions : an introductionBL65.B63 D573 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Household Gods : private devotion in ancient Greece and RomeBL723 .S64 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Celtic mythology : tales of gods, goddesses, and heroesBL900 .F735 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Mastermind : how to think like Sherlock HolmesBC108 .K56 2013PY Circulation Shelves
Memory and the self : phenomenology, science and autobiographyBD181.7 .R69 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Purifying the land of the pure : a history of Pakistan's religious minoritiesBL2035.5.R45 I87 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Science and religion : an impossible dialogueBL240.3 .G56413 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Political religion and religious politics : navigating identities in the United StatesBL2525 .G87 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Losing our religion : how unaffiliated parents are raising their childrenBL2525 .M3565 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Spirit possession around the world : possession, communion, and demon expulsion across culturesBL482 .S635 2015FS Circulation Shelves
New world a-coming : Black religion and racial identity during the great migrationBL625.2 .W45 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Shameful bodies : religion and the culture of physical improvementBL65.B63 L45 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Sacred bliss : a spiritual history of cannabisBL65.D7 F47 2016PY Circulation Shelves
The Zohar reception and impactBM525.A59 H8713 2016PY Circulation Shelves
The love of God : divine gift, human gratitude, and mutual faithfulness in JudaismBM610 .L45 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Recognizing Sufism : contemplation in the Islamic traditionBP189 .B84 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Routledge handbook of Islam in the WestBP52.5 .R68 2014FS Circulation Shelves
Nothing : three inquiries in BuddhismBQ4040 .N68 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Zen and material cultureBQ678 .Z46 2017FS Circulation Shelves
The Cambridge companion to medieval logicBC34 .C36 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Ultimate questionsBD450 .M255 2016FS Circulation Shelves
The Hajj : pilgrimage in IslamBP187.3 .H2433 2016PY Circulation Shelves
An introduction to the New TestamentBS2330.3 .B76 2016FS Circulation Shelves

History (General). Europe (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Malala, Iqbal : two stories of braveryDS389.22.Y68 W56 2014PY ECE Shelves

Social Sciences

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Because I was a girl : true stories for girls of all agesHQ1123 .B425 2017FS Circulation Shelves
You are friendlyHQ784.F7 S65 2007FS ECE Shelves
Here come the Girl Scouts! : the amazing all-true story of Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low and her great adventureHS3359 .C674 2012FS ECE Shelves
Take it as a complimentHV6250.4.W65 T345 2016PY Circulation Shelves
OilHD9560.5 .B625 2017PY Circulation Shelves
On the parole board : reflections on crime, punishment, redemption, and justiceHV9278 .R394 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Online safety for codersHQ784.I58 L96 2017FS ECE Shelves
Raising children : surprising insights from other culturesHQ769 .L189 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Whitewash : the story of a weed killer, cancer, and the corruption of scienceHD9651.9.M6 G45 2017FS Circulation Shelves
A war for the soul of America : a history of the culture warsHN90.S62 H37 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Hannah Mary Tabbs and the disembodied torso : a tale of race, sex, and violence in AmericaHV6534.P5 G76 2016PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Mama Africa! : how Miriam Makeba spread hope with her songML3930.M29 E77 2017PY ECE Shelves
Electric shock : from the gramophone to the iPhone : 125 years of pop musicML3470 .D64 2016PY Circulation Shelves

Fine Arts

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Maya Lin : artist-architect of light and linesNA737.L48 H38 2017PY ECE Shelves
Brazilian art under dictatorship : Antonio Manuel, Artur Barrio, and Cildo MeirelesN6655 .C2485 2012PY Circulation Shelves
More than meets the eye : blindness and visual artN71.8 .K59 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Get into dioramas and modelsND2880 .D94 2017FS ECE Shelves

Language and Literature

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Grammar girl presents the ultimate writing guide for studentsPE1112 .F6127 2010PY Circulation Shelves
Critical approaches to literature.PN56.F46 C75 2018PY Circulation Shelves
A tale of two citiesPR4571 .A1 2004FS Circulation Shelves
It takes a villagePZ7.1.C5954 It 2017PY ECE Shelves
The sidekicksPZ7.K85277 Si 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Arresting development : comics at the boundaries of literaturePN6714 .P59 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Home firePR9540.9.S485 H66 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Sometimes we think you are a monkeyPZ7.1.S552 Som 2015FS ECE Shelves
No Cell Phone DayPZ7.M37735 No 2013PY ECE Shelves
Goodnight SelfiePZ7.M522 Goo 2015FS ECE Shelves
Paul Thomas AndersonPN1998.3.A5255 T86 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Seven faces : Brazilian poetry since modernismPQ9571 .P47 1996PY Circulation Shelves
The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde.PR5810.S6355 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Hardly warPS3603.H65 A6 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Let the children marchPZ7.1.C585 Le 2018FS ECE Shelves
On a magical do-nothing dayPZ7.A3744 On 2017FS ECE Shelves
A hat for Mrs. Goldman : a story about knitting and lovePZ7.E262 Hat 2016PY ECE Shelves
Lotus & FeatherPZ7.J57396 Lo 2016PY ECE Shelves
Was the Cat in the Hat black? : the hidden racism of children's literature, and the need for diverse booksPN1009.5.R32 N47 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Writing and understanding poetry for teachers and students : a heart's craftPN1059.A9 K49 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Violence against Indigenous women : literature, activism, resistancePR9185.6.I5 H37 2017FS Circulation Shelves
On my walkPR9299.2.W56 O5 2009PY ECE Shelves
One of the boys : a novelPS3613.A73985 O64 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Fishing with grandmaPZ7.A954 Fi 2015FS ECE Shelves
Context counts : papers on language, gender, and powerP120.S48 L323 2017PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
What makes day and nightQB633 .B73 1986bFS ECE Shelves
Life cycle of a honey beeQL568.A6 J58 2016FS ECE Shelves
The paper zoo : 500 years of animals in artQH46.5 .S545 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Augmented reality : where we will all liveQA76.9.A94 P43 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Beyond infinity : an expedition to the outer limits of mathematicsQA9 .C48618 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Endangered species : a reference handbookQH75 .R36 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Endangered species : a reference handbookQH75 .R36 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Experiments in democracy : human embryo research and the politics of bioethicsQM608 .H87 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Kids get coding.QA76.6 .L885 2017FS ECE Shelves
Coding in the real worldQA76.6 .L88525 2018FS ECE Shelves
Coding to create and communicateQA76.6 .L88527 2018FS ECE Shelves
Learn to programQA76.6 .L8855 2017FS ECE Shelves
Programming awesome appsQA76.6 .L8856 2018FS ECE Shelves
Programming games and animationQA76.6 .L885625 2017FS ECE Shelves
A world of programmingQA76.6 .L8858 2017FS ECE Shelves
Your heart and lungsQP111.6 .H493 2016FS ECE Shelves
Your digestive systemQP145 .H5253 2016FS ECE Shelves
Your brainQP376 .H5865 2016FS ECE Shelves
Why do I sleep?QP425 .R69 2016FS ECE Shelves
TouchQP451 .H488 2016FS ECE Shelves
TasteQP456 .H488 2016FS ECE Shelves
SmellQP458 .H388 2016FS ECE Shelves
HearingQP462.2 .H49 2016FS ECE Shelves
SightQP475.7 .H485 2016FS ECE Shelves
Your bonesQP88.2 .H493 2016FS ECE Shelves
The biology of coral reefsQH95.8 .B56 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Calculus in context : background, basics, and applicationsQA303 .H1542 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Mars : the pristine beauty of the Red PlanetQB641 .M394 2017PY Reference
A seal named PatchesQL737.P64 B437 2017FS ECE Shelves
Why we sleep : unlocking the power of sleep and dreamsQP425 .W44 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Demystifying computation : a hands-on introductionQA76 .S965 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Tense bees and shell-shocked crabs : are animals conscious?QL785.25 .T94 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Game theory, aliveQA269 .K3684 2017PY Circulation Shelves
C++ standard library quick referenceQA76.73.C153 W43 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Data protection : ensuring data availabilityQA76.9.A25 D43 2017PY Circulation Shelves
The aliens are coming! : the extraordinary science behind our search for life in the universeQB54 .M5388 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Universal : a guide to the cosmosQB982 .C69 2017PY Circulation Shelves
What every science student should knowQ181.A2 B38 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Walden warming : climate change comes to Thoreau's woodsQH105.M4 P75 2014PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
A little book of dental hygienists' rulesRK60.5 .W55 2014FS Circulation Shelves
Hot health care careers : 30 occupations with fast growth and many new job openingsR690 .H68 2017FS Reference
Hot health care careers : 30 occupations with fast growth and many new job openingsR690 .H68 2017PY Reference
Current medical diagnosis & treatment 2018RC71 .C87 2018FS Reference
Supporting families & carers : a nursing perspectiveRA645.3 .B73 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Why do I wash my hands?RA777 .R694 2016FS ECE Shelves
Why do I brush my teeth?RK63 .R696 2016FS ECE Shelves
Medical office managementR728.8 .M279 2013PY Circulation Shelves
You need rest to be at your best!RA786 .S58 2016FS ECE Shelves
From here to eternity : traveling the world to find the good deathRA622 .D68 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Vaccines : what everyone needs to knowRA638 .F44 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The fragile brain : the strange, hopeful science of dementiaRC521 .T385 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Evidence-based practice for nurses & healthcare professionalsRC455.2.E94 B37 2016PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Bon appetit! : the delicious life of Julia ChildTX649.C47 H37 2012PY ECE Shelves
The dark side of technologyT14.5 .T696 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Trash talks : revelations in the rubbishTD793 .S64 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Ugly food : overlooked and undercookedTX725.A1 W4325 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Critical discourse studies and technology : a multimodal approach to analysing technocultureT14 .R54 2016PY Circulation Shelves
Digital nature photography : the art and the scienceTR267 G475 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Photography and humourTR147 .K37 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Daguerreotypes : fugitive subjects, contemporary objectsTR183 .S245 2015PY Circulation Shelves
Digital landscape photographyTR660 .G47 2010PY Circulation Shelves

Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
On the Arctic frontier : Ernest Leffingwell's polar explorations and legacyG585.A6 C65 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Why do I run?GV1061 .R69 2016FS ECE Shelves
A farewell to ice : a report from the ArcticGB2595 .W33 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Player and avatar : the affective potential of videogamesGV1469.3 .O94 2017PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The real school safety problem : the long-term consequences of harsh school punishmentLB2866 .K86 2016PY Circulation Shelves

Bibliography and Library Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Silenced in the library : banned books in AmericaZ1019 .J37 2017FS Reference


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Veterinary anatomy coloring bookSF761 .S38 2016FS Circulation Shelves
American seafood : heritage, culture & cookery from sea to shining seaSH221 .S43 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Robinson's current therapy in equine medicineSF951 .S673 2015FS Reference

Auxiliary sciences of history (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Tell me more : stories about the 12 hardest things I'm learning to sayCT275.C7875 A3 2018FS Circulation Shelves

History: America (United States)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
When they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoirE185.97.K43 A3 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Diversifying diplomacy : my journey from Roxbury to DakarE840.8.E43 A3 2017FS Circulation Shelves
The Black Lives Matter movementE185.615 .P337 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Little leaders : bold women in black historyE185.96 .H338 2017PY ECE Shelves
March : Book OneE840.8.L43 A3 2013FS Circulation Shelves
March : Book threeE840.8.L43 A3 2016PY Circulation Shelves
March : Book twoE840.8.L43 L485 2015PY Circulation Shelves

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