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History: America (United States)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The presumption of guilt : the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and race, class, and crime in AmericaE185.615 O35 2010FS Circulation Shelves
She came to slay : the life and times of Harriet TubmanE444.T82 D86 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Tough love : my story of the things worth fighting forE901.1.R53 A3 2019PY Circulation Shelves
This land is their land : the Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the troubled history of ThanksgivingE99.W2 S55 2019FS Circulation Shelves

Social Sciences

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Connecting generations : bridging the boomer, Gen X, and millennial divideHM726 .H47 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Misdemeanorland : criminal courts and social control in an age of broken windows policingHV9956.N5 K65 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Kochland : the secret history of Koch Industries and corporate power in AmericaHD9569.K63 L46 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Maid : hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to surviveHD6072.2.U5 L36 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The culture code : the secrets of highly successful groupsHD66 .C675 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Beaten down, worked up : the past, present, and future of American laborHD8072.5 .G739 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right nowHM851 .L3579 2019PY Circulation Shelves
ExtremismHN49.R33 B464 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Sexual consentHQ32 .P66 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Know my name : a memoirHV6568.S73 M55 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Grace will lead us home : the Charleston Church Massacre and the hard, inspiring journey to forgivenessHV6773.54.C43 H39 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Financial literacy for Generation Z : a practical guide to managing your financial lifeHG179 .D6995 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The global beauty industry : colorism, racism, and the national bodyHQ1219 .J495 2016FS Circulation Shelves
The birth of the FBI : Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service, and the fight over America's premier law enforcement agencyHV8144.F43 O43 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Children in prison : six profiles before, during and after incarcerationHV9104 .G6267 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Introduction to women's, gender & sexuality studies : interdisciplinary and intersectional approachesHQ1180 .I5757 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Careers in social media.HM742 .C345 2018PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Diagnosis female : how medical bias endangers women's healthRA564.85 .D92 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Integrated care for the traumatized : a whole-person approachRC552.T7 S47 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Speaking for the dying : life-and-death decisions in intensive careR726.8 .S54 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The wild and the toxic : American environmentalism and the politics of healthRA566.3 .T47 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Cardiovascular care made incredibly easy!RC674 .C3585 2020PY Circulation Shelves
Emotionally disturbed : a history of caring for America's troubled childrenRJ501.A2 D676 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Exposing the 20 medical myths : why everything you know about health care is wrong and how we can make it rightRA412.2 .G37 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The great pretender : the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madnessRC454.4 .C34 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Therapy and counseling : your questions answeredRC480.5 .S4168 2019FS Circulation Shelves
A guide to transgender health : state-of-the-art information for gender-affirming people and their supportersRA564.9.T73 H43 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Freedom from family dysfunction : a guide to healing families battling addiction or mental illnessRC455.4.F3 P475 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Emergency nursing made incredibly easy!.RT120.E4 E44 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The social medicine readerRA418 .S6424 2019 v.1PY Circulation Shelves
The social medicine readerRA418 .S6424 2019 v.2PY Circulation Shelves
Pathogenic policing : immigration enforcement and health in the U.S. SouthRA448.5.I44 K55 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Reproductive injustice : racism, pregnancy, and premature birthRA564.86 .D38 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Rethinking diabetes : entanglements with trauma, poverty, and HIVRA645.D5 M458 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The handbook of art therapy and digital technologyRC489.A72 H36 2018FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Online teaching at its best : merging instructional design with teaching and learning researchLB1044.87 .N55 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Integration interrupted : tracking, black students, and acting White after BrownLC2771 .T97 2011FS Circulation Shelves
Red State revolt : the teachers' strike wave and working-class politicsLB2844.47.U6 B53 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Washington education guide.LB2803.W2 A4 2019-2020FS Reference
Peterson's guide to four-year colleges.L901 .P447 2019PY Reference

Language and Literature

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Darkest hourPN1995.9.B55 D37 2018PY Circulating Videos
Call me by your namePN1997.2 .C35 2018PY Circulating Videos
Lady BirdPN1997.2 .L337 2018FS Circulating Videos
Spider-Man, into the Spider-VersePN1997.2 .S75 2019FS Circulating Videos
VicePN1997.2 .V53 2019FS Circulating Videos
Animal farm : the graphic novelPN6790.B73 O3713 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Because internet : understanding the new rules of languageP120.I6 M28 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Lost transmissions : the secret history of science fiction and fantasyPN3433.8 .B675 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Fake news nation : the long history of lies and misinterpretations in AmericaPN4784.F27 C67 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The witches are comingPN4874.W425 A25 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Olive, againPS3569.T736 O45 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The crying bookPS3603.H755 C79 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Crazy rich AsiansPS3611.W36 C73 2013PY Circulation Shelves
The night circus : a novelPS3613.O74875 N54 2010FS Circulation Shelves
A song for a new dayPS3616.I579 S66 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Carry on : the rise and fall of Simon SnowPS3618.O8755 C37 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Wayward sonPS3618.O8755 W39 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The new voices of science fictionPS648.S3 N49 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Color outside the lines : stories about lovePZ5 .C723 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The grace yearPZ7.1.L54 Gr 2019PY Circulation Shelves
GravityPZ7.D39525 Gr 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Graphic memories of the civil rights movement : reframing history in comicsPN6714 .S26 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Ghost fishing : an eco-justice poetry anthologyPS595.S75 G48 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Radical writing center praxis : a paradigm for ethical political engagementPE1405.U6 G735 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Vietnamese stories for language learners : traditional folktales in Vietnamese and EnglishPL4375 .T736 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Sitcommentary : television comedies that changed AmericaPN1992.8.C66 R63 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Latin American adventures in literary journalismPN4759 .C265 2019FS Circulation Shelves
When my brother was an AztecPS3604.I186 W47 2012PY Circulation Shelves
Mental illness in young adult literature : exploring real struggles through fictional charactersPS374.M44 R53 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Beauty : what it is and why it mattersBX1795.A78 M55 2019PY Circulation Shelves

History (General). Europe (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
A woman of no importance : the untold story of the American spy who helped win World War IID810.S8 G597 2019FS Circulation Shelves

History: America (US local, Canada, Latin America)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Silver, sword, and stone : three crucibles in the Latin American storyF1407 .A685 2019FS Circulation Shelves
How to hide an empire : a history of the greater United StatesF965 .I46 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
A terrible thing to waste : environmental racism and its assault on the American mindGE230 .W375 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Blood, sweat, & tears : Jake Gaither, Florida A & M, and the history of Black college footballGV939.G3 W47 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Political Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Permanent recordJF1525.W45 S655 2019FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Mighty justice : my life in civil rightsKF373.R68 M34 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The guarded gate : bigotry, eugenics, and the law that kept two generations of Jews, Italians, and other European immigrants out of AmericaKF3832 .O37 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Stories of ScottsboroKF224.S34 G66 1995FS Circulation Shelves
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.0PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.1PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.10PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.11PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.12 indexPY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.2PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.3PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.4PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.5PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.6PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.7PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.8PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2019 v.9PY Reference


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
God save the queens : the essential history of women in hip-hopML3531 .I26 2019FS Circulation Shelves
How to make it in the new music business : practical tips on building a loyal following and making a living as a musicianML3795 .H5 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Sounds like Titanic : a memoirML418.H49 A3 2019FS Circulation Shelves
For the love of music : a conductor's guide to the art of listeningMT90 .M287 2019FS Circulation Shelves

Fine Arts

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Toward a global Middle Ages : encountering the world through illuminated manuscriptsND2900 .T69 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Millennials in architecture : generations, disruption, and the legacy of a professionNA2543.S6 S6375 2019FS Circulation Shelves
History of illustrationNC998 .H46 2018PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Lifespan : why we age--and why we don't have toQH528.5 .S56 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Our wild calling : how connecting with animals can transform our lives--and save theirsQL85 .L68 2019FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
i-Minds 2.0 : how and why constant connectivity is rewiring our brains and what to do about itT14.5 .S95 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Fake photosTA1654 .F37 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Midnight in Chernobyl : the untold story of the world's greatest nuclear disasterTK1362.U38 H54 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Almost lost arts : traditional crafts and the artisans keeping them aliveTT145 .F74 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Eat joy : stories & comfort food from 31 celebrated writersTX631 .E28 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Military Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Army of none : autonomous weapons and the future of warUG479 .S37 2019FS Circulation Shelves
South away : the Pacific Coast on two wheelsUnknownPY Circulation Shelves

Bibliography and Library Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Freedom libraries : the untold story of libraries for African Americans in the SouthZ711.9 .S45 2019FS Circulation Shelves