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Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Encyclopedia of environmental issuesGE10 .E523 2019 v.2FS Reference
Encyclopedia of environmental issuesGE10 .E523 2019 v.3FS Reference
Encyclopedia of environmental issuesGE10 .E523 2019 v.4FS Reference
The ice at the end of the world : an epic journey into Greenland's buried past and our perilous futureG743 .G453 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Ten years a nomad : a traveler's journey homeG154.5.K46 A3 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The world's fastest man : the extraordinary life of cyclist Major Taylor, America's first Black sports heroGV1051.T3 K73 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Costuming cosplay : dressing the imaginationGV1201.8 .W56 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The NFL national anthem protestsGV955.5.N35 H33 2019FS Circulation Shelves

Social Sciences

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Encyclopedia of global resourcesHC85 .E49 2019 v.2FS Reference
Encyclopedia of global resourcesHC85 .E49 2019 v.3FS Reference
Encyclopedia of global resourcesHC85 .E49 2019 v.4FS Reference
Prison reformHV9466 .P75 2019 v.2FS Reference
Love, money & parenting : how economics explains the way we raise our kidsHQ755.8 .D63 2019FS Circulation Shelves
It's the manager : Gallup finds the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term successHD38.2 .C565 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Blockchain basics : a non-technical introduction in 25 stepsHG1710 .D74 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Growing up queer : kids and the remaking of LGBTQ identityHQ76.27.Y68 R63 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Disability : a reference handbookHV1568 .R47 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Disability : a reference handbookHV1568 .R47 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Blockchain : the next everythingHG1710 .W5584 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Shadows of doubt : stereotypes, crime, and the pursuit of justiceHV9950 .O25 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Handbook of U.S. labor statistics : employment, earnings, prices, productivity, and other labor data.HD8051 .A63 2019PY Reference
We are better togetherHM1106 .B66 2019FS ECE Shelves
A queer history of the United States for young peopleHQ76.3.U5 B6965 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Such a pretty girl : a story of struggle, empowerment, and disability prideHV1568 .L37 2019PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Salem health : women's healthRA564.85 .W66 2019 v.2PY Reference
Infectious diseases & conditionsRC112 .I4577 2019 v.2PY Reference
Infectious diseases & conditionsRC112 .I4577 2019 v.3PY Reference
The stressed years of their lives : helping your kid survive and thrive during their college yearsRC451.4.S7 H53 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Coaching psychology manualR727.415 .M66 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Burnout : the secret to unlocking the stress cycleRA785 .N35 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Bitten : the secret history of Lyme disease and biological weaponsRC155.5 .N49 2019PY Circulation Shelves
SmileRK55.Y68 T45 2010FS ECE Shelves
Nursing school entrance exams : HESI A2, NLN PAX-RN, PSB-RN, TEASRT73 .E88 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Nursing school entrance exams : HESI A2, NLN PAX-RN, PSB-RN, TEASRT73 .E88 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The peculiar institution and the making of modern psychiatry, 1840-1880RC438 .G66 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Strange trips : science, culture, and the regulation of drugsRM316 .R53 2018FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The U.S. Constitution and fascinating facts about itKF4541.A2 U552 2019PY Circulation Shelves
A principled stand : the story of Hirabayashi v. United StatesKF228.H565 H57 2013FS Circulation Shelves
We have a constitutionKF4550.Z9 B66 2019FS ECE Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The instruction myth : why higher education is hard to change, and how to change itLA227.4 .T38 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Barron's SATLB2353.57 .H575 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Barron's SATLB2353.57 .H575 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Onward : cultivating emotional resilience in educatorsLB2840 .A38 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The lost education of Horace Tate : uncovering the hidden heroes who fought for justice in schoolsLC2802.S9 W35 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Alternative universities : speculative design for innovation in higher educationLA227.4 .S76 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Small teaching online : applying learning science in online classesLB1028.5 .D322 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Small teaching online : applying learning science in online classesLB1028.5 .D322 2019PY Circulation Shelves
How to be a deanLB2341 .J87 2019FS Circulation Shelves
White guys on campus : racism, white immunity, and the myth of "post-racial" higher educationLC212.42 .C35 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Language and Literature

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
I like to watch : arguing my way through the TV revolutionPN1992.8.S4 N87 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Broken places & outer spaces : finding creativity in the unexpectedPS3615.K67 Z46 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Albert's quiet questPZ7.1.A782 Al 2019FS ECE Shelves
Camp tigerPZ7.1.C533 Cam 2019FS ECE Shelves
Leila in saffronPZ7.1.G864 Le 2019FS ECE Shelves
Hair lovePZ7.1.P44776 Hai 2019FS ECE Shelves
Count on mePZ7.1.T375 Co 2019FS ECE Shelves
Great job, Mom!PZ7.1.W365 Gre 2019FS ECE Shelves
Ivy + BeanPZ7.B27576 Ivy 2006FS ECE Shelves
Ivy and Bean break the fossil recordPZ7.B27576 Iwg 2007FS ECE Shelves
Cece loves sciencePZ7.D4468 Lu 2018FS ECE Shelves
The Earth gives morePZ8.3.F642 Ear 2019FS ECE Shelves
Mine, all mine : a book about pronounsPE1261 .H394 1999FS ECE Shelves
The ministry of truth : the biography of George Orwell's 1984PR6029.R8 N5359 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Rocket says look up!PZ7.1.B799 Roc 2019FS ECE Shelves
Nope. Never. Not for me!PZ7.1.C6749 Nq 2019FS ECE Shelves
This beach is loud!PZ7.1.C6749 Th 2019FS ECE Shelves
Where are you from?PZ7.1.M4713 Wh 2019FS ECE Shelves
A little house in a big placePZ7.A176 Li 2019FS ECE Shelves
Papa put a man on the moonPZ7.D41136 Pap 2019FS ECE Shelves
Me, Toma and the concrete gardenPZ7.L323794 Me 2019FS ECE Shelves
Trains run!PZ8.3.L9893 Trf 2019FS ECE Shelves
Pakwa che menisuPS8611 L484 W541 2013FS ECE Shelves
BerlinPN6727.L88 B473 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Ayesha at lastPR9199.4.J3515 A96 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Credo : the Rose Wilder Lane storyPS3523.A553 Z53 2019PY Circulation Shelves
William S. Burroughs & the cult of rock 'n' rollPS3552.U75 Z833 2019FS Circulation Shelves
There therePS3615.R32 T48 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Great job, Dad!PZ7.1.W365 Grea 2019FS ECE Shelves
Ghost catPZ7.A866395 Gho 2019FS ECE Shelves
VideoHound's golden movie retriever 2019PN1995 .V53 2019FS Reference
VideoHound's golden movie retriever 2019PN1995 .V53 2019PY Reference
The essentials : 52 must-see movies and why they matterPN1998 .A6693 2016FS Circulation Shelves
Superwomen : gender, power, and representationPN6725 .C585 2016PY Circulation Shelves
AbbottPN6728.A177 A46 2018FS Circulation Shelves
How to read a bookPZ7.A37723 How 2019FS ECE Shelves
The bus for usPZ7.B6234 Bu 2001FS ECE Shelves
My papi has a motorcyclePZ7.Q438 My 2019FS ECE Shelves
My shoes and I : crossing three bordersPZ73 .C5869 2019FS ECE Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
HummingbirdQL696.A558 D38 2019FS ECE Shelves
Homes in the wild : where baby animals and their parents liveQL756 .J83 2019FS ECE Shelves
Mycorrhizal planet : how symbiotic fungi work with roots to support plant health and build soil fertilityQK604.2.M92 P45 2017PY Circulation Shelves
A voice for the spirit bears : how one boy inspired millions to save a rare animalQL737.C27 O37 2019FS ECE Shelves
Hacking Darwin : genetic engineering and the future of humanityQH442 .M487 2019PY Circulation Shelves
MagnetismQC753.7 .H36 2019FS ECE Shelves
Corridor ecology : linking landscapes for biodiversity conservation and climate adaptationQH541.15.C67 H55 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Endangered species : a documentary and reference guideQH75 .W395 2016PY Reference

Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Who moved my cheese? : an a-mazing way to deal with change in your work and in your lifeBF637.C4 J64 2002FS Circulation Shelves
Being spiritual but not religious : past, present, future(s)BL624 .B3956 2018PY Circulation Shelves

Auxiliary sciences of history (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Stories for kids who dare to be different : true tales of amazing people who stood up and stood outCT107 .B754 2019FS ECE Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Teaming with fungi : the organic grower's guide to mycorrhizaeSB106.M83 L69 2017FS Circulation Shelves
A fire storySD421.32.C2 F54 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Capitalist pigs : pigs, pork, and power in AmericaSF395.8.A1 A53 2019PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Troll hunting : inside the world of online hate and its human falloutTK5105.878 .G67 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The art and science of natural dyes : principles, experiments, and resultsTP919 .B68 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Moonbound : Apollo 11 and the dream of spaceflightTL789.8.U6 A53325 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Seeing science : how photography reveals the universeTR692 .S44 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Paper collage Chinese styleTT870 .Z49 2016FS Circulation Shelves

History: America (United States)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Berry magicE99.E7 S56 2004FS ECE Shelves
Survival math : notes on an all-American familyE185.86 .J332 2019PY Circulation Shelves

General Works

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The book of symbols : reflections on archetypal imagesAZ108 .B66 2010PY Circulation Shelves

History (General). Europe (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The complete Maus : Maus I -- A survivor's tale ; Maus II -- And here my troubles beganDS135.P63 S68 1997PY Circulation Shelves
Last witnesses : an oral history of the children of World War IID810.C4 A44313 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Rebuilding Sergeant Peck : how I put body and soul back together after AfghanistanDS371.43.P435 A3 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Teaching history with film : strategies for secondary social studiesD16.255.A8 M37 2018FS Circulation Shelves
They called us enemyD769.8.A6 T347 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Temples, tombs, & hieroglyphs : a popular history of ancient EgyptDT83 .M46 2007PY Circulation Shelves

Political Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The virtue of nationalismJC311 .H374 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The nationalist revival : trade, immigration, and the revolt against globalizationJC311 .J83 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The populist explosion : how the great recession transformed American and European politicsJC423 .J83 2016PY Circulation Shelves
We have a governmentJA70 .B66 2019FS ECE Shelves
Hooked : how politics captures people's interestJA74.5 .P694 2019PY Circulation Shelves
We are good citizensJF801 .B575 2019FS ECE Shelves
We can voteJK1978 .B64 2019FS ECE Shelves

Fine Arts

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Just add watercolor : inspiration & painting techniques from contemporary artistsND2420 .B495 2015PY Circulation Shelves

Military Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Women heroes of the US Army : remarkable soldiers from the American Revolution to todayUB418.W65 M37 2019FS Circulation Shelves

Bibliography and Library Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Reading behind bars : a true story of literature, law, and life as a prison librarianZ720.G875 A3 2019FS Circulation Shelves