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History: America (US local, Canada, Latin America)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
My 9/11 awakening to America's moral crisis : diary and letters Chile: 11 September 1973 military coupF3101.A4 B378 2015FS Circulation Shelves
The Brazil reader : history, culture, politicsF2521 .B768 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Truth will prevail why I have been condemnedF2538.3 .L85 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Political culture in Spanish America, 1500-1830F1410 .R56 2017PY Circulation Shelves
A nation of enemies : Chile under PinochetF3100 .C64 1991PY Circulation Shelves
Remembering Pinochet's Chile : on the eve of London, 1998F3100 .S825 2006PY Circulation Shelves
Story of a death foretold : the coup against Salvador Allende, 11 September 1973F3101.A4 G82 2013PY Circulation Shelves
Encyclopedia of Latin AmericaF1406 .E5155 2010 v.1PY Reference
Encyclopedia of U.S. military interventions in Latin AmericaF1418 .E593 2013 v.2FS Reference
Washington's history : the people, land, and events of the far NorthwestF891 .R58 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Encyclopedia of U.S. military interventions in Latin AmericaF1418 .E593 2013 v.1FS Reference
Encyclopedia of Latin AmericaF1406 .E5155 2010 v.2PY Reference
Encyclopedia of Latin AmericaF1406 .E5155 2010 v.3PY Reference
Encyclopedia of Latin AmericaF1406 .E5155 2010 v.4PY Reference

Language and Literature

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Confessions of the fox : a novelPS3618.O8323 C66 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Rescue & Jessica : a life-changing friendshipPZ7.1.K5087 Res 2018FS ECE Shelves
Black leopard, red wolfPR9265.9.J358 B58 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The favouritePN1997.2 .F389 2019PY Circulating Videos
The crown.PN1992.77 .C76 2018PY Circulating Videos
SerpicoPN1995.9.P57 S47 2002FS Circulating Videos
History of the world, part 1PN1997 .H578679 2006FS Circulating Videos
Bohemian RhapsodyPN1997.2 .B64 2018PY Circulating Videos
Boy erasedPN1997.2 .B69 2019PY Circulating Videos
Green bookPN1997.2 .G745 2019PY Circulating Videos
A star is bornPN1997.2 .S73 2019PY Circulating Videos
Pioneers : first women filmmakersPN1998.2 .P56 2018PY Circulating Videos
Lingua cosmica : science fiction from around the worldPN3433.5 .L56 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Poets of Brazil : a bilingual selectionPQ9663.E5 P64 2004PY Circulation Shelves
The merry adventures of Robin HoodPR2127.P95 1990FS New Reader
Sword art online.PN6790.J33 K1755 2014 v.2FS Circulation Shelves
The Big O.PN6790.J34 B542 2003 v.1FS Circulation Shelves
The Big O.PN6790.J34 B542 2003 v.2FS Circulation Shelves
Alaskan ice climbingPE1119 .A43 2008FS New Reader
The adventure capital of the worldPE1128 .A334 2008FS New Reader
Birds in paradise.PE1117.F66 B57 2008FS New Reader
A disappearing world.PE1119 .D573 2008FS New Reader
A Connecticut yankee in King Arthur's courtPE1119 .T83 2000FS New Reader
The pragmatist turn : religion, the Enlightenment, and the formation of American literaturePS166 .G84 2017PY Circulation Shelves
The Bloomsbury introduction to children's and young adult literaturePN1009.A1 C55 2018FS ECE Shelves
Technicolored : reflections on race in the time of TVPN1992.8.A34 D83 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Comic artists - Asia : manga, manhwa, manhuaPN6705.A78 S84 2004PY Circulation Shelves
Gothic sportsPN6757.H34 G68 2007 v.1FS Circulation Shelves
Gothic sportsPN6757.H34 G68 2007 v.2FS Circulation Shelves
Witness : the selected poems of Mario BenedettiPQ8519.B292 A2 2012PY Circulation Shelves
Black marks on the white pagePR9668.6 .B629 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Night catchPZ7.E335 Nig 2005FS ECE Shelves
Azumanga Daioh.PN6790.J33 A98 2003 v.2FS Circulation Shelves
Celluloid chains : slavery in the Americas through filmPN1995.9.S557 C45 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The American Negro Theatre and the long civil rights eraPN2277.N52 A44 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Romance of the three kingdomsPL2690.S3 E53 2002 v.1FS Circulation Shelves
The bad sixties : Hollywood memories of the counterculture, antiwar, and Black power movementsPN1995.2 .H64 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The stories of Edgar Allan PoePN6733.K56 S76 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Bread lab!PZ7.1.B5358 Br 2018PY ECE Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Take a picture of me, James Van Der Zee!TR140.V37 L66 2017FS ECE Shelves
Learning to see the world of insectsTR729.I6 L43 2018PY Circulating Videos
No passport requiredTX631 .N6154 2018PY Circulating Videos
Alternative energyTJ808 .A48 2010FS New Reader
Renewables : the politics of a global energy transitionTJ808 .A454 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Popcorn country : the story of America's favorite snackTX814.5.P66 P484 2019FS ECE Shelves

History (General). Europe (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Gandhi : the years that changed the world, 1914-1948DS481.G3 G825 2018bFS Circulation Shelves
Inside the mind of Xi JinpingDS779.49.X53 B6813 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The golden rhinoceros : histories of the African Middle AgesDT25 .F3813 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Ancient invisible citiesDE59 .A53 2018PY Circulating Videos
Resistance at Tule LakeD769.8.A6 R4757 2018PY Circulating Videos
Geek in Japan : discovering the land of manga, anime, Zen, and the tea ceremonyDS812 .G37 2011FS Reference
Historical dictionary of postwar JapanDS889 .H569 2019FS Reference
Foreign intervention in Africa after the Cold War : sovereignty, responsibility, and the war on terrorDT31 .S295 2018FS Circulation Shelves

History: America (United States)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Why learn history (when it's already on your phone)E175.8 .W59 2018FS Circulation Shelves
We are grateful : otsaliheligaE99.C5 S657 2018FS ECE Shelves
Latinx : the new force in American politics and cultureE184.S75 M666 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Bull trout's gift : a Salish story about the value of reciprocityE99.S2 B85 2011FS ECE Shelves
Folk-tales of the Coast SalishE99.S21 F65 2009FS Circulation Shelves
Salish myths and legends : one people's storiesE99.S21 S35 2008PY Circulation Shelves
The war for the common soldier : how men thought, fought, and survived in Civil War armiesE607 .C26 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The plot to kill King : the truth behind the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.E185.97.K5 P43 2016FS Circulation Shelves

Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The phantom atlas : the greatest myths, lies and blunders on mapsGA108.7 .B76 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Body by science : a research based program for strength training, body building, and complete fitness in 12 minutes a weekGV481 .M3975 2009FS Circulation Shelves
New views : the world mapped like never beforeG1021 .B57 2017FS Reference
New views : the world mapped like never beforeG1021 .B57 2017PY Reference
Capoeira : the fighting danceGV1796 .C145 C37 2009FS New Reader
Cheese-rolling races.GV75 .C44 2009FS New Reader
Arctic governance in a changing worldG615 .D87 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Decolonizing methodologies : research and indigenous peoplesGN380 .S65 2012PY Circulation Shelves
The science of baseball : modeling bat-ball collisions and the flight of the ballGV869 .B27 2018FS Circulation Shelves

Social Sciences

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Dare to lead : brave work, tough conversations, whole heartsHD57.7 .B764 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The age of surveillance capitalism : the fight for a human future at the new frontier of powerHF5415.32 .Z83 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Invisible women : data bias in a world designed for menHQ1237 .C745 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Escaping the rabbit hole : how to debunk conspiracy theories using facts, logic, and respectHV6275 .W488 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Not that bad : dispatches from rape cultureHV6558 .G39 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The advocatesHV4506.C2 A386 2018PY Circulating Videos
The politics of genocideHV6322.7 .H47 2010PY Circulation Shelves
#MeToo : essays about how and why this happened, what it means and how to make sure it never happens againHV6561 .M47 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Hunger in the land of plenty : a critical look at food insecurityHD9005 .W75 2019PY Circulation Shelves
The children of Harvey Milk : how LGBTQ politicians changed the worldHQ76.5 .R49 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Business statistics of the United States : patterns of economic change.HC101 .A13122 2018FS Reference
World chamber of commerce directory.HF294 .W75 2019FS Reference
Confessions of an Argentine dirty warrior : a firsthand account of atrocityHV6433.A7 V4713 2005FS Circulation Shelves
Communes and workers' control in Venezuela : building 21st century socialism from belowHX233.5 .A99 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Torture in Brazil : a shocking report on the pervasive use of torture by Brazilian military governments, 1964-1979HV8599.B7 C3813 1998PY Circulation Shelves
Money madnessHG221.5 .A346 2009FS ECE Shelves
The rejected body : feminist philosophical reflections on disabilityHV1568 .W433 1996PY Circulation Shelves
Shut out : how a housing shortage caused the Great Recession and crippled our economyHD7293 .E76 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Political policing : the United States and Latin AmericaHV8160.A2 H84 1998PY Circulation Shelves
Washington manufacturers directory.HD9727 .W3 2019 FS ReferenceFS Reference
Washington manufacturers directory.HD9727.W3 2019 PY ReferencePY Reference
Transgender : a reference handbookHQ77.9 .D4948 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Transgender : a reference handbookHQ77.9 .D4948 2019PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Merchants of doubt : how a handful of scientists obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke to global warmingQ147 .O74 2010PY Circulation Shelves
Core Java.QA76.73.J38 H6753 2019 v. 2PY Circulation Shelves
Mama's last hug : animal emotions and what they tell us about ourselvesQL785.27 .W33 2019FS Circulation Shelves
How to be a good creature : a memoir in thirteen animalsQL85 .M65 2018FS Circulation Shelves
How tall, how short, how far awayQA465 .A26 1999FS ECE Shelves
An Inconvenient Sequel :QC981.8.G56 I5334 2017FS Circulating Videos
Arctic whale dangerQL737.C4 W37 2008FS New Reader
Aquarium on wheelsQL78.5 .A68 2009FS New Reader
Bird girlQL676.2 .B57 2009FS New Reader
Giant cave crocs!QL666.C925 G525 2009FS New Reader
A day in a forested wetlandQL112 .K865 2018PY ECE Shelves
Millions, billions & trillions : understanding big numbersQA141.15 .A35 2013FS ECE Shelves
Fun with Roman numeralsQA141.3 .A339 2008FS ECE Shelves
Luminous creatures : the history and science of light production in living organismsQH641 .A53 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Gravity! : the quest for gravitational wavesQC178 .B56 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Walker's mammals of the world.QL703 .W2222 2018FS Reference
Walker's mammals of the world.QL703 .W2222 2018PY Reference


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The age of the horse : an equine journey through human historySF283 .F67 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Beagle patrolSF428.2 .B43 2009FS New Reader
Blue cows?SF196.I4 B57 2009bFS New Reader

Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
24 framesBH301.L3 A24 2019PY Circulating Videos
Islam, an American religionBP67.U6 M3713 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Are racists crazy? : how prejudice, racism, and antisemitism became markers of insanityBF575.P9 G55 2017FS Circulation Shelves

Fine Arts

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Kusama : infinityN6537.K878 K873 2019PY Circulating Videos
Hairy Who? 1966-1969N6512.5.H35 H35 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Sacred to the touch : Nordic and Baltic religious wood carvingNK1653.S34 D83 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Afghanistan's Heroic ArtistsN8740 .A44 2010FS New Reader
Don't believe your eyes!ND618 .D66 2009FS New Reader
The anime ecology : a genealogy of television, animation, and game mediaNC1766.J3 L34 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Drawing with Christopher Hart : the master guide to drawing anime : how to draw original characters from simple templatesNC1764.5.J3 H36945 2015FS Circulation Shelves

Bibliography and Library Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The politics of theory and the practice of critical librarianshipZ665 .P8175 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Critical library pedagogy handbookZA3075 .C75 2016 v.1PY Reference
Critical library pedagogy handbookZA3075 .C75 2016 v.2PY Reference

Political Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Hostile intent : U.S. covert operations in Chile, 1964-1974JK468.I6 G87 2007PY Circulation Shelves
Separated : children at the borderJV6456 .S47 2018PY Circulating Videos
Peace and meJZ5540 .W56 2018FS ECE Shelves
Wall Street's think tank : the Council on Foreign Relations and the empire of neoliberal geopolitics, 1976-2014JZ27.C6 S56 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Politics of Latin America : the power gameJL960 .V36 2015FS Circulation Shelves
Diaries of an unfinished revolution : voices from Tunis to DamascusJQ1850.A91 W75 2013FS Circulation Shelves
Legislative manualJK9271 .A2 2019-20FS Reference
Legislative manualJK9271 .A2 2019-20PY Reference


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Fail stateLB2328.52.U6 F35 2018PY Circulating Videos
Teaching with compassion : an educator's oath to teach from the heartLB1027.22 .K38 2018PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Sexual chemistry : a history of the contraceptive pillRG137.5 .M327 2010PY Circulation Shelves
Autism in heels : the untold story of a female life on the spectrumRC553.A88 O86 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Mental health disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about healthy brain functioning and mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotic and personality disorders, eating disorders, impulse control disorders, and more; along with information about medications and treatments, mental health concerns in specific groups, such as children, adolescents, older adults, minority populations, and people in poverty, a glossary of related terms, and directories of resources for additional help and information.RC454.4 .M458 2019FS Reference
Asthma sourcebook : basic consumer health information about allergic, exercise-induced, occupational, and other types of asthma, including facts about causes, risk factors, symptoms, and diagnostic tests and featuring details about treating asthma with medication and other therapies, minimizing indoor and outdoor asthma triggers, recognizing and handling asthma attacks, monitoring symptoms and developing an action plan, and dealing with co-existing conditions; along with a detailed look at childhood asthma concerns and asthma in older adults, pregnant women, athletes, and other special populations, a glossary of related terms, and a list of resources for additional help and information.RC591 .A84 2018PY Reference
Eating disorders in America : a reference handbookRC552.E18 N488 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Eating disorders in America : a reference handbookRC552.E18 N488 2019PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Reproductive justice : an introductionKF3760 .R67 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.1PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.10PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.11PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.12 indexPY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.2PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.3PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.4PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.5PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.6PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.7PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.8PY Reference
Revised code of Washington.KFW35 .A21 2018 v.9PY Reference
Impeachment : what everyone needs to knowKF5075 .G47 2018PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Engaging musical practices : a sourcebook for elementary general musicMT1 .E54 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Tom Petty and philosophy : we need to knowML410.P3135 T66 2019FS Circulation Shelves

General Works

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Understanding and implementing inclusion in museumsAM11 .C59 2018PY Circulation Shelves

Auxiliary sciences of history (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Zooarchaeology and Field Ecology : a Photographic AtlasCC79.5.A5 B76 2016PY Circulation Shelves

Military Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Understanding modern warfareU42 .J66 2016FS Circulation Shelves