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History (General). Europe (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Anne Frank's diary : the graphic adaptationDS135.N6 F731865 2018PY Circulation Shelves
The girl who smiled beads : a story of war and what comes afterDT450.437.W36 A3 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Conventional and unconventional war : a history of conflict in the modern worldD214 .M625 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Daily life in 18th-century EnglandDA485 .O47 2017FS Reference
The Nile : an encyclopedia of geography, history, and cultureDT116 .S54 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Predicting the Holocaust : Jewish organizations report from Geneva on the emergence of the "Final Solution," 1939-1942D804.3 .M38 2019PY Circulation Shelves
A charmed life : growing up in Macbeth's castleDA758.3.C25 C36 2007PY Circulation Shelves
The dressmaker of Khair Khana : five sisters, one remarkable family, and the woman who risked everything to keep them safeDS375.K2 T94 2011PY Circulation Shelves

History: America (United States)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
A dream called home : a memoirE184.M5 G664 2018FS Circulation Shelves
It was all a dream : a new generation confronts the broken promise to Black AmericaE185.8 .A56 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Bringing down the Colonel : a sex scandal of the Gilded Age, and the "powerless" woman who took on WashingtonE664.P75 M55 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The truths we hold : an American journeyE901.1.H37 A3 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Race in America : how a pseudoscientific concept shaped human interactionE184.A1 R293 2017 v.1PY Reference
Race in America : how a pseudoscientific concept shaped human interactionE184.A1 R293 2017 v.2PY Reference

History: America (US local, Canada, Latin America)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Washington's history : the people, land, and events of the far NorthwestF891 .R58 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Daily life in colonial New EnglandF7 .J59 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Strength through peace : how demilitarization led to peace and happiness in Costa Rica, and what the rest of the world can learn from a tiny, tropical nationF1548.2 .L57 2019PY Circulation Shelves

Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Jerome Robbins : a life in danceGV1785.R52 L47 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The design of childhood : how the material world shapes independent kidsGV425 .L36 2018PY Circulation Shelves

Social Sciences

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The longest line on the map : the United States, the Pan-American Highway, and the quest to link the AmericasHE358 .R88 2018PY Circulation Shelves
This is marketingHF5415 .G5783 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Not all dead white men : classics and misogyny in the digital ageHN49.R33 Z83 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Death, dying, and bereavement in a changing worldHQ1073 .K46 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Death, dying, and bereavement in a changing worldHQ1073 .K46 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Visionary women : how Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters changed our worldHQ1123 .B3575 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Mindhunter : inside the FBI's elite serial crime unitHV7911.D68 A3 1995PY Circulation Shelves
The traveling economist : using economics to think about what makes us all so different and the sameHB171 .K626 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Heading home : motherhood, work, and the failed promise of equalityHD4904.25 .O74 2019PY Circulation Shelves
Cheap sex : the transformation of men, marriage, and monogamyHQ536 .R4338 2017PY Circulation Shelves
The philosophical parent : asking the hard questions about having and raising childrenHQ769 .K346 2017PY Circulation Shelves
A dictionary of social work and social careHV12 .H37 2018FS Reference
The glass castle : a memoirHV5132 .W35 2006PY Circulation Shelves
When leadership mattersHD57.7.B758 2017FS Circulation Shelves
When leadership mattersHD57.7.B758 2017PY Circulation Shelves

Political Science

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Inventing the immigration problem : the Dillingham Commission and its legacyJV6483 .B48 2018FS Circulation Shelves
The causes of war and the spread of peace : but will war rebound?JZ6385 .G38 2017PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The schoolhouse gate : public education, the Supreme Court, and the battle for the American mindKF4150 .D75 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Freedom of speech : documents decodedKF4770 .F765 2017FS Reference
The state and federal courts : a complete guide to history, powers, and controversyKF8720 .S73 2017FS Reference
The Trump administration and international lawKZ3410 .K64 2019PY Circulation Shelves
They took the kids last night : how the child protection system puts families at riskK5189 .R43 2018FS Circulation Shelves
A lawyer's journey : the Morris Dees storyKF373.D43 A3 2001FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Monk! : Thelonious, Pannonica, and the friendship behind a musical revolutionML417.M846 D368 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Long slow train : the soul music of Sharon Jones and the Dap-KingsML420.J7588 B73 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Beastie Boys bookML421.B39 M53 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Speaking for ourselves : conversations on life, music, and autismML3838 .B18 2018FS Circulation Shelves
This too is musicMT1 .U63 2019FS Circulation Shelves

Fine Arts

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The downtown pop underground : New York City and the literary punks, renegade artists, DIY filmmakers, mad playwrights, and rock 'n' roll glitter queens who revolutionized cultureNX511.N4 M35 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Buildings and landmarks of 19th-century America : American society revealedNA710 .G74 2017FS Reference

Language and Literature

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Babel : around the world in twenty languagesP375 .D67 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Making sense : the glamorous story of English grammarPE1095 .C79 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Improv nation : how we made a great American artPN2071.I5 W37 2017FS Circulation Shelves
Passing for human : a graphic memoirPN6727.F4943 Z46 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Watch where the wolf is going : storiesPQ8098.29.K3 A2913 1991PY Circulation Shelves
Synchro boyPR9199.4.M4259 S96 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Citizen illegal : poemsPS3615.L56 C58 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Saffron ice creamPZ7.1.K533 Saf 2018FS ECE Shelves
The fieldPZ7.1.P384 Fi 2018FS ECE Shelves
Mommy's khimarPZ7.1.T4676 Mom 2018FS ECE Shelves
Jack, not JackiePZ7.S58625 My 2018PY ECE Shelves
GerminalPQ2504 .A375 2004FS Circulation Shelves
The sum of our daysPQ8098.1.L54 Z46 2008FS Circulation Shelves
The winner stands alonePQ9698.13.O3546 V4613 2009FS Circulation Shelves
Atonement : a novelPR6063.C5 A88 2003FS Circulation Shelves
The outlander : a novelPR9199.3.A317 O97 2008FS Circulation Shelves
MarchPR9619.3.B7153 M37 2005PY Circulation Shelves
Selected poemsPS3204 1991FS Circulation Shelves
The pearlPS3537.T3234 P4 1988FS Circulation Shelves
A map of the worldPS3558.A4428 M36 1995bFS Circulation Shelves
To kill a mockingbirdPS3562 .E353 T6 1982bPY Circulation Shelves
Brokeback MountainPS3566.R697 B76 2005PY Circulation Shelves
Lucy : a novelPS3572.I38 L83 2003FS Circulation Shelves
Dina's bookPT8951.33.A8 D5613 1996PY Circulation Shelves
Sean Awesome : a mission at nightPS8615.W36 S43 2018FS ECE Shelves
Oscar the guardian catPZ10.3.S4474 Osc 2018FS ECE Shelves
The storybook princePZ7.K25274 St 2015FS ECE Shelves
Hip, hip, hooray for Annie McRae!PZ7.W6452 Hi 2001FS ECE Shelves
Louisa May Alcott's little womenPS1017 .L5 2019PY ECE Shelves
No time like the present : A collection of timeless poems,PS153.N5 B758 2017FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Common sense, the Turing test, and the quest for real AIQ335 .L4634 2017PY Circulation Shelves
Peterson first guide to astronomyQB46 .P376 2014FS Reference
Light of the stars : alien worlds and the fate of the EarthQB982 .F73 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Eager : the surprising, secret life of beavers and why they matterQL737.R632 G64 2018PY Circulation Shelves
Understanding the brain : from cells to behavior to cognitionQP376 .D695 2018PY Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The perfectionists : how precision engineers created the modern worldTA19 .W56 2018PY Circulation Shelves
A bright future : how some countries have solved climate change and the rest can followTD171.75 .G65 2019FS Circulation Shelves
Energy : a human historyTJ163.2 .R498 2018FS Circulation Shelves
Photographic : the life of Graciela IturbideTR140.I88 Q56 2018FS Circulation Shelves


Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
Handbook of distance educationLC5800 .H36 2019FS Circulation Shelves
The water is wideLC2852.Y3 C6 2006FS Circulation Shelves

Auxiliary sciences of history (General)

Title, author, etc.Call NumberLocation
The American flag : an encyclopedia of the Stars and Stripes in U.S. history, culture, and lawCR113 .V55 2018PY Reference