Courses in atmospheric sciences explore weather forecasting, climate change, air quality, mountain and marine weather, El Nino and current global climates.

Atmospheric Science Program Description

Few things impact our daily lives as profoundly as weather and atmospheric conditions. Whether you're simply looking to expand your understanding of these powerful forces or you're interested in transforming your weather passion in an exciting career, Pierce College is a great place to start.

Studies in atmospheric science can lead to careers in such fields as:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Environmental science
  • Meteorology
  • Marine and aviation sciences

Atmospheric Science Focus

Students wishing to major in atmospheric sciences at a four-year school are encouraged to take the following Pierce College courses:

  • Intro to Weather (ATMOS 101)
  • General Chemistry I, II, and III (CHEM& 161-163)
  • Computer Sciences and Programming
  • Pre-calculus I (MATH& 141)
  • Calculus I, II, and III (MATH& 151-153)
  • Engineering Physics I, II, and III (PHYS& 221-223)


Professor & Department Coordinator - Earth & Space Sciences