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The New York Post reports that 27 million Americans will be self-employed by the end of 2020. Job losses from the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to drive that number even higher by 2021. Many of these new entrepreneurs will turn to a business coach to help them learn the business and financial skills needed to start and run a thriving business. If you are a successful business leader or entrepreneur, coaching new business owners may be a rewarding and profitable new career for you. This 100% online course will provide you with the framework, methods and tactics to become a successful business coach.

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Job Outlook for Business Coaches

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects 11% job growth for Management Analysts, which includes Business Coaches, between now and 2029. This is much faster than average growth for all jobs. The Bureau attributes this strong growth to the demand for experts who can help businesses control costs and operate more efficiently.
  • According to, executive business coaches earn between $43,000 and $207,000 per year, with an average of $84,914.

Business Coach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do Business Coaches Do?

Business Coaches work with clients to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. They help entrepreneurs and business leaders evaluate their competencies, identify areas for improvement, then initiate new training and behavior improvements. They usually work directly with clients in a confidential one-on-one relationship.

Are Business Coaches the Same as Consultants?

While both coaches and consultants seek to improve business and personal performance, there is a difference in their respective methodologies. Consultants generally seek to identify problems and apply solutions. Coaches, on the other hand, work with clients to help them find both problems and solutions on their own.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Opportunities for Business Coaches?

Because the Coronavirus health crisis has caused many organizations to completely change their operating models - shifting to remote work, for example - it has created significant opportunities for coaches who can help entrepreneurs navigate these changes. The Center for Creative Leadership reports that coaches who can help leaders transition to virtual working environments and flexible leadership styles have been in especially high demand.

Course Objectives

  • How to analyze client needs to deliver meaningful results
  • How to measure results and translate your value
  • How to use your business experience to help others

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Prerequisites and Requirements

There are no prerequisites prior to enrolling in this course.


Key course topics include:

  • What Does a Business Coach Do?
  • The Coaching Triangle
  • The Coaching Process
  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Working with Clients
  • Measuring Results
  • Coaching Challenges
  • Business Results
  • Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Resources


Thea Roberts

Thea Roberts is an instructor with a background in business administration. Previously, she was a finance officer and employment advisor. She also held a position in the Washington State Ombudsman Program. Roberts holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Arts.

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