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Become an Online Advertising Specialist

Businesses and organizations of every size need professionals who can promote their products, services and messages. In today's digital media arena, advertising professionals play a key role in creating product awareness, capturing attention and converting prospects into an engaged audience. In this 100% online course, you will learn to create effective campaigns for digital and print media.

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Job Outlook for Advertising and Outreach Specialist

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers is expected to grow by 6% between now and 2029. This is faster than average growth for all jobs. The Bureau notes especially strong prospects for those who create digital marketing campaigns and attract customers through social media and web advertising.
  • reports that salaries for advertising jobs range between $34,000 and $173,000 per year, depending on location, experience and specialty. The average for all advertising jobs is $65,474 per year.

Advertising and Outreach Specialist Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Duties of an Advertising and Outreach Specialist?

Advertising and Outreach Specialists design, deploy and track campaigns that carry a business or organization's message to its intended audience. Their duties include:

  • Engaging in market research
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Designing advertising messages
  • Deploying messages via web and social media advertising, email and text messaging
  • Tracking campaign performance
  • Gaining and retaining customers through content marketing

Is Advertising Still Relevant in a Digital and Social Media Environment?

Although some traditional forms of advertising have struggled in the digital age, businesses still need well-trained professionals who can communicate their messages. The American Marketing Association notes that content and digital marketing professionals are in especially strong demand as data-driven marketing grows in importance across all industries.

Course Objectives

  • Developing and implementing original creative concepts based on research
  • Building out an advertising campaign for both print and electronic media
  • Preparing advertisements, scripts, and storyboards for a range of media
  • Develop a well-rounded approach to the advertising field
  • Gain sound research and planning skills to ensure your projects gain traction

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Prerequisites and Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Key course topics include:

  • Develop Original Concepts
  • Advertising Research
  • Writing Copy
  • Making a Media Plan
  • Developing an Advertising Campaign
  • Print Media Advertising
  • Digital Multiplatform Advertising
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Making a Pitch


Liselle Turner

Liselle Turner is a content writer and project manager. In addition to her background in advertising, she has worked in the learning and development industry. Turner holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Hospitality and Management, and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

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