people doing multiple kinds of jobs, teaching, dental hygiene, construction and working at computers

Student Internships

Internships through Pierce College's Cooperative Education program provide the experience of working in your chosen field while earning valuable college credit you can use toward the completion of a degree or certificate program.

Depending on the amount of hours worked, you can earn from one to eight college credits (COOP 150-153) per quarter for working (paid or unpaid) in your chosen field. Students working towards an Associate of Arts degree can use internship credits as general electives.

Students typically secure their own internships, but some referrals may be available. To register for internship courses, meet with the Cooperative Education coordinator.

Note: If you are enrolled in a professional/technical program at Pierce College, you are required to complete a work-based learning course designed for your specific degree program. Cooperative Education courses (COOP 150-153) do not apply toward this requirement. To get assistance in securing a work-based learning experience, contact your professional/technical program coordinator.