July 13, 2017 4:20 pm

Thanks to this year’s NEW transferable associate degree in music, students in the program will enjoy a smooth transition into university programs around the state. Department leaders have worked hard to address the unique challenges that music students face. These students are often required to take multiple sets of sequential courses that may prevent them from completing general requirements in the same order as students in other programs.  

Music students in university programs often take general requirements throughout their four years to allow time to enroll in the appropriate music, performance and private-lesson courses required for their degree. The requirements for students in the program at Pierce College have been adjusted to account for the unique needs of students who plan to continue their education at the university level.

Pierce College music students are encouraged to work closely with their advisors to ensure they meet the requirements of the four-year college or university they wish to attend after Pierce.

The program at Pierce is well-equipped to prepare students for a rewarding career in music. With excellent faculty and curriculum, the program has grown to become one of the best in the region. The faculty/student ratio is very small, allowing students to work closely with their instructors. The program offers courses in performance, practice, theory and appreciation, as well as opportunities to participate in performance groups that are open to both students and the public.

For more information about the music program at Pierce College, please visit the Music Department website.