Learn the laws and properties of matter with an associate’s degree in physics that prepares you for transfer to a four-year college and a wide range of careers in industry, government and education.

Physics Pathway

Physics is the study of the laws and properties of matter, including mechanics, energy, sound, heat, light, electricity and magnetism. The courses offered at Pierce College find applications in many related areas, among them chemistry, biological sciences, engineering, geophysics, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, environmental sciences and math. A major in physics would serve as a basis for work in industry, government or teaching.

Physics Major

The following courses are recommended for students planning to transfer as physics majors:

  • PHYS& 221-223: Engineering physics I-III
  • ENGR& 224: Thermodynamics
  • MATH& 151-153: Calculus I-III
  • MATH 205: Linear algebra
  • MATH 224: Multivariate calculus
  • CHEM& 161 & 162: General chemistry w/lab I-II(or 10 credits of physical science, not physics or math)


Hillary Stephens
Physics & Astronomy Professor

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