At Pierce College, we recognize and support opportunities for employees to contribute to mission fulfillment through the development of Employee Resource Groups. Employee Resource Groups are defined as employee networks dedicated to learning, empowerment, and building solidarity in community while fulfilling the mission of the college. By encouraging networking and sense of belonging across employee units, Pierce College benefits from the learning and feedback of a continual process of improvements generated by participation in Employee Resource Groups. In addition, Employee Resource Groups provide career and professional development, employee engagement, and support recruitment and retention efforts of highly qualified and diverse employees. We strengthen our bond to Pierce College’s mission, values, and core themes as well as to each other when empowered to engage in self-empowerment activities lifting up our voices together in unity. Employee Resource Groups are welcomed and will be provided access to the resources listed in the accompanying procedure.

Corresponding Procedures

Employee Resource Group Procedure


Approved 2020-10-01