Grade Forgiveness Petition

Grade forgiveness gives students who wish to continue their education at Pierce College a fresh start from previous grades that are detrimental to their educational goals.


The following conditions are required in order to petition for grade forgiveness:

  1. Current enrollment in the Pierce College District.
  2. A period of four (4) consecutive quarters of no enrollment in credit courses in the Pierce College District.
  3. Completion of a minimum of 24 credits from the Pierce College District after return.
  4. At time of petition, have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in course work at Pierce College after return.

Courses petitioned cannot have been used toward a previously earned degree or certificate.

Grade forgiveness can only be granted once.

Students have an option to have one designated quarter only or the designated quarter and all previous quarters forgiven. Only courses prior to the stop out period may be petitioned.

Courses that a student successfully completed in a forgiven quarter with a 2.00 or higher will remain in the GPA/Credit calculations (i.e., will not be forgiven).

If the petition is approved:

  • The original grade(s) remain on the student’s transcript.
  • Forgiven grades are not calculated in the Pierce College GPA.
  • Forgiven courses cannot be used to meet degree/certificate requirements.
  • Forgiven courses cannot be used to satisfy prerequisites for future courses.
  • Forgiven courses cannot be reinstated.  


  • Submit completed form to the registration office at any site.
  • If approved, the permanent transcript will be amended to show an asterisk (*) next to the class grades that have been forgiven. The original grades remain on the transcript but are not calculated in the GPA.
  • The Registrar’s Office will notify you in writing of the decision and include an updated transcript for approved petitions.

Grades forgiven through this policy may or may not be honored by Pierce College special/selective admissions programs and other educational institutions as each institution interprets transcripts according to its own policies.

Students receiving funding from sources such as financial aid and veterans educational benefits are subject to federal regulations and guidelines. Students are advised to contact financial aid and/or their funding source to determine how this policy may affect funding.


Updated 2017-07-01