This policy governs Pierce College’s handling of Hazardous Materials.

Additional Authority

  • Pierce College Board Policy (Delegation of Authority to Chancellor)
  • RCW 70 (Public Health and Safety)
  • WAC 173 (Department of Ecology)
  • WAC 296 (Department of Labor and Industries)


All Employees, Students, and Visitors

Responsible Party

Vice President of Administrative Services


Pierce College District adheres to all requisite local, state, and federal regulations in its handling of hazardous materials and waste. Beyond the regulations promulgated by local, state, and federal authorities, Pierce College District may adopt its own additional requirements for handling hazardous materials and waste that are determined to be in the best interest of employees, students, visitors, and property of the District.

All employees, students, and visitors are responsible for following established procedures related to this policy.

Action By Date
Original Draft Vice President of Admin Services Dec 9, 2016
Revision Facilities and Safety Council January 26, 2017
Review/Revision Policy and Governance Cabinet March 2, 2017
Review/Revision Facilities and Safety Council March 13, 2017
Review Policy and Governance Cabinet April 6,2017
Approval Chancellor April 6, 2017