As gifts from the community increase, there is an opportunity for Pierce College to facilitate donations by naming District structures or memorials that are institutionally initiated (non-Student Life projects) in honor of persons who have provided significant service to the District or who have made major financial contributions. This process will enhance the District's ability to respond to the needs of Pierce College students and the community, and to provide a level of excellence in programs and services that would otherwise not be possible.

To that end, the District seeks to provide appropriate recognition to donors for their generosity. Although such recognition may take many forms (thank-you letters, press conferences, etc.), this policy seeks to establish guidelines for the naming of facilities. This policy is intended only as a guide and allows for flexibility on a case-by-case basis when additional or unusual situations arise.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

The policy applies to all faculty, staff, administrators, board members, donors, volunteers, and outside advisors or consultants who may be involved in any area relating to naming items for the District.


Naming Tributes Recognizing Service

Two circumstances generally give rise to a naming tribute:

  1. Naming in Recognition of Distinguished Service may honor a gift of time or talent that has had a significant positive impact on the District over an extended number of years. The Chancellor, or a committee appointed by the Chancellor, is charged with determining the appropriateness of the naming and degree of internal and external support for the proposed naming, prior to submitting to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  2. Memorial tributes may be created on campus if the Board of Trustees wishes to recognize outstanding individuals after death through a campus memorial. Memorial recognition may be done in the following ways:
    1. Trees on campus, consistent with the master plan
    2. Plaques
    3. Benches
    4. Rooms within a building or physical spaces on campus, at the discretion of the Chancellor

Naming Opportunities Recognizing Donors

  1. All naming opportunities honoring donors must reflect favorably on, and bring honor to the District. Levels of charitable gifts will be determined based on size, location and function of the physical space.
  2. The Chancellor's Office must approve the naming of a building (new, existing, or expanded). The Chancellor must also approve removing a name from a building. All naming opportunities should be coordinated through the Advancement Office.
  3. Following are suggested minimum gift levels for common naming opportunities. Specific amounts for opportunities should not be discussed with donors without first coordinating with the Chancellor's Office.
    1. Entire Building: A minimum of 50% of the total cost of the building.
    2. Equipment or Building Enhancements part of capital campaign: Naming opportunities should correspond to the gift table and reflect appropriate scale for the physical space.
    3. Landscaping: Minimum gift equal to the approximate cost of the project. (Endowment equal to 20 times the cost of annual upkeep.)
    4. Gifts should ideally be paid in full prior to the official naming opportunity taking effect.

In general, giving levels for the naming of physical property will be established through consultation among the College Trustees, Foundation Board members, and Chancellor. Some general guidelines include:

  1. New construction, buildings or improvements may be named for a donor who has made a substantial monetary gift toward the cost of the project.
  2. For existing buildings and facilities, dollar amounts will be established for a selected number of naming opportunities based on institutional priorities set by the Chancellor and the College Board of Trustees.
  3. Giving levels may be established with either fixed or minimum dollar amounts for sponsorship of other physical property on campus. Such property may include but is not limited to: pavers, benches, planters, fountains, gardens, equipment, musical instruments, meeting rooms, lounges, theaters, artwork, recreational facilities, and outdoor plazas. Amounts for these naming opportunities will be set and adjusted periodically by the Chancellor in consultation with the Trustees and the Executive Committee of the Foundation.

Final Authority

The final authority for any naming memorial or tribute decision rests with the Chancellor and the District Board of Trustees. This policy is not all-inclusive. The Chancellor and/or the Board of Trustees reserve the right to consider any and all factors regarding the privilege of name association with the program, fund or physical aspect of Pierce College as particular acts and circumstances warrant.

Review and Revision History


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Board of Trustees

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Approved 2009-04-08