Non-Registered Individuals in the Classroom Policy

Pierce College is committed to preserving a safe and academically-focused classroom environment, while complying with state regulations.  In order to support the learning environment, presence in the classroom is restricted to faculty and individuals officially registered for the specific class section.  However, non-registered individuals and students are temporarily allowed with specific restrictions.

For purposes of this policy, the following definitions are used:

  • Non-registered individual(s) is a person who is not currently enrolled in classes within the Pierce College District, but has an affiliation with the college through admissions application or previous enrollment.
  • Non-registered student(s) is a person who is enrolled in classes within the Pierce College District, to include credit and non-credit bearing classes in the current term, but is not enrolled in the specific class of interest.
  • Student(s) is a person who is enrolled in classes in the current term within the Pierce College District, to include credit and non-credit bearing classes, and is officially registered for a specific class section.

The following rules apply to non-registered individuals/students in the classroom:

  1. Non-registered individuals and non-registered students who are not officially enrolled in the class of interest, regardless of waitlist status, must have permission of the faculty to attend the class.  Attendance is restricted and cannot extend beyond the 3rd class meeting without being officially enrolled in the class. 
  2. Students who withdraw during the refund window for the term are not allowed to continue attending the class after the withdrawal has occurred.
  3. Students who withdraw from the class without a refund can continue participation in the class, subject to the approval of the primary faculty member. Continued participation should only be granted in circumstances where such participation will not significantly detract from the learning experience for enrolled students (no grades/credit can be earned for students who have withdrawn from the class).
  4. Students who need to finish an "incomplete" are not allowed to attend a class in which they are not currently enrolled.  Extenuating circumstances may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Learning and Success for Fort Steilacoom or Puyallup classes, or to the Executive Director for Joint Base Lewis McChord classes. 
  5. The conduct of non-registered individuals or non-registered students shall not interfere with the educational process or learning environment, and all are expected to abide by all operational regulations and guidelines, including safety and access restrictions.

Persons who are not affiliated with the college but want to visit a classroom for informational purposes should follow the Classroom Visitors and Invited Guests Policy.

Revised 2020-02-06