Program Completion/Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

In accordance with federal regulations, Pierce College is reporting the program completion/graduation and transfer-out rates for a select group of students who first entered the college in Fall, 2005. The study identifies the percentages who completed their programs or transferred by August 31, 2012.

The study group, as specified by federal law, ONLY includes students who were:

  • New first-time either fall or summer quarter;
  • Enrolled fall quarter in 12 or more credits (full-time);
  • Degree or certificate seeking and planned to attend 1 year or longer;
  • Not Exclusively student funded or Basic Skills and
  • Not Student Funded/Community Service

Students are placed in the cohort based on their status at the time they enter the institution. They remain in the cohort even if their status changes after they enter, e.g., from full-time to part-time enrollment.

Study Group Results

  • Completion/graduation rate: FS: 26%; PY: 19%
  • Transfer-out rate: FS: 34%; PY: 57%


Completer: A student who receives a degree, diploma, certificate, or has completed a transfer preparatory program. In order to be considered a completer, the degree/award must actually be conferred. The student must have completed his/her program within 150% of normal time.

Transfer-Out Student: A student who leaves the reporting institution without completing his/her program and enrolls at another eligible institution within 150% of normal time for completion of the program.

Note: The program completion/graduation and transfer-out rates above do not include students who enrolled part-time when they entered the institution, who transferred-in to the institution, or who took only courses to improve job or academic skills. In addition, the rates do not take into account students who have completed programs or transferred since August 31, 2006.