To protect persons and property and to minimize the disruption of college operations, all bomb threats and similar threats involving the Pierce College District will be assessed and evaluated to determine the most appropriate course of action. Following best practices and guidance from the Department of Justice and Department of Education, a Threat Assessment Team will methodically evaluate each incident to determine its threat level (low, medium or high). The response to any threat will be commensurate with the assessed threat level.

Review and Revision History

Date To Description of any revision, action taken
8-6-08 Cabinet Notified of development of new Threat Policy & Procedure
11-13-08 Michele, Tana, Denise & Joann Emailed 1st Draft of Threat Policy & Procedure by Chris & Nancy
11-17-08 E-Team, Safety Plan Task Force and Campus Safety Emailed 1st Draft of Threat Policy & Procedure by Chris & Nancy
11-20-08 Michele, Joann & Chris Revised draft to resend to ETeam for review on 11-25-08
11-20-08 Community & Technical College Emergency Planning (CTCEP) listserv Request best practices
Nov - 08 ETeam Discussion and review, no recommended changes
11-26-08 Bob, Carol & Bill Directed to Division Chairs to discuss with their constituents’, no recommended changes
2-3-09 Eteam Review w/ Chris MacKersie prior to going to Cabinet
2-5-09 Cabinet First Reading. First Reading. Approved to forward to college community for further review.
3-5-09 Cabinet Second Reading. Motion passed to forward to Board of Trustees with the change of the policy name to “Threat Assessment Policy”.



Approved 2009-03-05