Use of District Facilities Policy

The Board of Trustees believes that extension of the educational and community service opportunities is achieved when the district's buildings, grounds, and facilities are made available for use by students, faculty, administration, staff, and the community. This use shall not interfere with regular college activities and shall be in accordance with the public interest, welfare, and laws of the State of Washington, and in the district's best interest as interpreted by the administration and the board.

The board reserves the right to deny facility use to individuals or groups of a private nature whose activities, be they secret or otherwise, are inconsistent with the open and public nature of Pierce College and where such use would conflict with the purpose of the state and federal laws against discrimination.

The basis for establishing and charging use fee guidelines reflects the district's intended cost of operations, and an evaluation of the intended purpose with respect to that of this district. The board feels that groups affiliated with the college or organizations considered in close affiliation should be permitted access to facilities at the lowest charge of the fee schedule. A current fee schedule is available in the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services.


Revised 2000-11-01