Checklist for Field Experience Classes: SSBH 201–203

  1. Complete prerequisites: SSBH 100, 170, and 215 (or some taken concurrently with special permission).
  2. Search for a site now that fits your desired career goal (e.g., working with youth, or elderly, or veterans, or chemical dependency, or developmentally disabled, or prison inmates, or domestic violence victims, or homeless, etc.). Remember, Google is your friend!  You can search for "Social Service Agencies in Pierce County" or other such searches in order to find many agencies or organizations suitable for a field experience.
  3. Make sure you have an updated resume to present to a prospective site.
  4. If you visit a prospective site in person, bring a print-out of our SSBH Field Experience course overview or send them a link to the page by email.
  5. Make sure that the site can provide 120 hours of field work during the quarter you take the class.
  6. Be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word and be familiar with using Canvas.
  7. Download an app to your phone called “Cam Scanner.”
  8. Learn how to write learning objectives
  9. Register for class and pay for insurance

Insurance Information

If you are at a site where you are not a paid employee or not covered by liability insurance, you are required to purchase medical malpractice professional liability insurance as well as non-medical liability insurance, which covers from September 1 to August 31 from one year to the next. The fee includes $15.00 mandatory medical malpractice and $3.00 for general liability insurance (Total: $18.00). You can pay for the insurance through our Simple Pay system. After paying for the insurance online, submit the filled out and signed insurance form and a screenshot of your payment to If this is not paid by the student and validated by our institution, the student may not receive credit for hours completed and the student could possibly be named a subject in a lawsuit and be responsible for all legal matters and costs.