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Visit the All-Employee Canvas space to find additional resources for Starfish, including training tutorials, email templates, tracking item examples and troubleshooting tips.

What do I use Starfish for?

  • Online Appointment Scheduler – Schedule and keep track of appointments with students. You can use the Starfish appointment scheduler to set up your office hours, your advising hours, or times you are available for appointments, so students can easily schedule appointments with you. You and the student can be sent reminders for upcoming appointments, and appointments can be automatically synced to your Outlook calendar.
  • Notes – Keep track of advising notes, meeting notes, and more in students’ folders. You can follow a student’s history and record important information that will help you and other employees to better support the student in the future.
  • Raise Concerns – You can voice concerns about students via the Starfish Early Alert system Flags. This feature lets you communicate to the student and other people in the student’s Success Network that there is a concern for the student that warrants follow up.
  • Kudos – You can acknowledge students’ hard work via Kudos. It’s important to celebrate and highlight your students’ successes, and Kudos make that process easier!
  • Success Plans – Success Plans are To Do lists that guide students though plans that support the student’s educational goals. Academic Standards plans, such as Academic Concern and Academic Alert, are implemented though Starfish. Check out a student’s Success Plan to see which steps the student should take.
  • Referrals – You can refer students to another department to get support. We will continue to add referral types in Starfish to the different student support and academic support services at Pierce.
  • Support Services Directory – Starfish has a full directory of support services at Pierce that are available to students. You can search for items in the directory and link the services to students.
  • Degree Planner – Degree Planner is an educational planning tool where you can create a plan for a student and make sure they are fulfilling all the requirements needed to complete their intended degree.

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