First Login to the Microsoft Office 365 Student Email System

  1. You will need to get a temporary password before you access your Microsoft Office 365 account. Use the password reset tool in the MyPierce Student Portal (login with SID/PIN required), or call the college Help Desk for assistance: 253-964-6373.
  2. Your Email is:
    • The first letter of your first name
    • All of your last name
    • And the last 4 digits of your SID
    • Will include

    John X. Doe with a SID 925-99-9999, then login name =
    Jane Public with a SID 925-88-8888, then login name =

  3. Log in to your student email.
    Note: if you use AOL, connect to your AOL account, minimize your AOL screen and open another web browser.
  4. Enter your email address and temporary password, then click "sign in."
  5. You may choose to set up two-factor authentication now by clicking the "Set it up now" link. This is optional, but highly recommended. To skip this step, click "sign in again."
  6. If you are not prompted to change your password, click or tap the silhouette icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choose "View Account."
    Note: if you don't see "View Account," you may use this link instead:
  7. Click "Manage Security & Privacy."
  8. Click "Password."
  9. Enter your old (temporary) password to confirm, then enter the new password of your choice and click "submit."
  10. To go to Outlook online, click or tap the grid icon in the upper right and select the "mail" tile. Enter your preferred language and time zone and click "Save" to continue to your inbox.
  11. If you experience technical problems with your email or if you need to have your account reset because of a name change, contact the Pierce College Tech Help Desk at (253) 964-6373 or by email at