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Social Media Marketing Certificate - Testimonials


Jason Forgey

"Knowing how to market with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and a blog can help any business gain customers and keep them coming back. In Management 139, Social Media Content, I have learned how to use tactics and metrics to achieve social media marketing goals, and how to use social media postings to increase traffic to web sites using specific platforms."

– Jason Forgey


Natasha Dyas

"For me, the details of online marketing always seemed too vast to grasp; however, this course presented the information so clearly that I now feel confident in my knowledge. I have learned valuable skills that transfer into my own life and small business, thank you!"

– Natasha Dyas


Manny Hernandez

When I first started BUS 135 Intro to online Marketing i did not know what to expect. It opened my eyes to a whole other field that I knew nothing about. Has me very interested in getting that online marketing certificate that is being offered. Very great field to go in and very rewarding from doing the research on internet marketing jobs. Great class and I would recommend it to anybody that plans on opening their own business. I plan on taking other classes offered by professor G and am planning on getting that online certificate that is going to be offered next time.

– Manny Hernandez


Lateasta Hill

"This Social Media course has taught me how to engage with potential customers and advertise my future business products and services. One social media platform that I heard of and wanted to learn more about, was Pinterest. From taking this course, I now have a better understanding about what Pinterest is and how I can apply the different features Pinterest has to offer to my marketing strategy. Everything I learned in this course have been extremely valuable to me. I will definitely put into practice and use the strategies learned on my website, blog posts, and social media platforms. Thank you."

– Lateasta Hill, Entrepreneur Graduate

I have enjoyed this online media class because you are able to learn so much that can help benefit you in your business career path. The assignments in this class help you understand more and more about social medias and being able to keep your focus on one store of your choosing makes the class easier to understand and helps you through the course. This is a fun and beneficial class. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to take this course and I can't wait to take what I learned from this class and translate it into real world situations.

– Molly Fletcher