Students studying in ESL class

Employee Learning and Development  provides individual and group consulting services for faculty, staff, departments and divisions to meet their professional development goals. We offer consultations and services in a variety of areas related to higher education including student and employee engagement, effective teaching and learning, Quality Matters standards, integrating educational technologies and pedagogical strategies in grounded and online courses.   

Instructional Design Consultation

Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • Increasing student engagement
  • Teaching for motivation and critical thinking
  • Preparing and delivering high quality content in the classroom and online
  • Applying Quality Matters in online courses.
  • Practical strategies for managing workload, information management, and improving digital/technology skills


  • Identifying/refining course learning outcomes
  • Designing assessments that align with learning outcomes/benchmarks
  • Analyzing and interpreting assessment results to inform instructional design

Integrating Technology in the Classroom and Online

  • Effectively using technology to enhance instruction: i.e. Canvas LMS, blogs, wikis, digital audio/video, screencasts, clickers
  • Creating engaging online learning environments
  • Using the Canvas LMS
  • Exploring emerging technologies, mobile learning and digital content design