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Employee Learning and Development provides individual and group consulting services for faculty, staff, departments and divisions to meet their professional development goals. We offer consultations and services in a variety of areas related to higher education including student and employee engagement, effective teaching and learning, and integrating educational technologies and pedagogical strategies in grounded and online courses.

ELAD Consulting Services

  • Discuss learning strategies that boost student motivation
  • Troubleshoot problems with educational technology
  • Demonstrate the best ways to use Canvas in grounded, hybrid, and online courses
  • Work with you to design creative, engaging assigns that incorporate technology and multimedia
  • Help you review and adopt new tools and technologies for your courses
  • Assist you in integrating open educational resources (OER) into your course materials
  • Review your course and offer informal feedback about how to improve student learning
  • Provide examples of materials and templates for course design to inspire you
  • Assist you in identifying professional development opportunities and requesting available funds
  • Help you connect with faculty and staff throughout the District

The best way to be in touch with ELAD if you have questions about our services is to contact our team email: