man working out at a rowing machine with trainer

Kinesiology, Fitness Coach and Personal Training Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

  1. Promote the health and fitness of clients by using and articulating the American College of Sports Medicine, (ACSM) guidelines to create environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive and challenging for all clients. (Alignment with National Certifying Body)
  2. Identify the criteria and considerations for pre-activity fitness testing, exercise prescription and fitness coaching for safe and effective programming.  (Health Appraisal, Exercise Testing and Medical Considerations)
  3. Identify and explain the importance of appropriate training techniques and theories as an important client management tool.  (Exercise Prescription and Programming)
  4. Identify and explain nutrition, health and safety practices and procedures appropriate for use when training clients. (Nutrition and Weight Management)
  5. Identify and conduct oneself as a member of the health and fitness profession by knowing and using ethical guidelines and other professional standards related to health and fitness practices as detailed by the ACSM. (Alignment with National Certifying Body and Quality Assurance)
  6. Identify and utilize behavioral strategies to enhance exercise and health behavior change. (Human Behavior and Counseling)
  7. Identify all components that contribute to the maintenance of a safe exercise environment and the legal implications of one's responsibility to carry out emergency procedures.  (Safety, Injury Prevention and Emergency Procedures)

Fundamental Areas of Knowledge and Core Abilities Outcomes

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