Develop critical thinking and reasoning skills for real-world problem-solving in a variety of settings. Choose from two sequences of math courses, pre-college and college-level, to meet your needs.

Math Pathway

In many disciplines, mathematics is used to help make sense of phenomena observed in the world. Math also can help us develop critical thinking and reasoning skills that can be used to solve problems in a variety of applications. Pierce College offers two sequences of math courses, pre-college and college-level, to meet the needs of the individual student and his or her goals.

Course Selection

Courses in statistics and computer science are highly recommended for math majors. Math majors should also take one of the sequences of science courses such as physics or chemistry. See your advisor for specific recommendations.

Course Sequencing

To better understand the course sequencing, please take a look at these flow charts.

Tutoring Options

Assistance is provided for all levels of mathematics to students of Pierce College on both campuses. The Tutoring centers are staffed by a combination of faculty and advanced math students who provide drop-in tutoring to students.

Apply to Pierce College

Enrollment is open throughout the year. Start in the fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters. Special funding assistance may be available for unemployed workers or low-wage working parents.


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