students on Puyallup campus


As previous students ourselves, we understand the challenge of learning math. Textbooks are difficult to read and even direct instruction from a teacher can be hard to follow.  Believe it or not, everyone can benefit from meeting with a tutor. If you are in need of assistance with math, want some individual coaching, or just need some tips for better studying, we offer several different options for you at Pierce College. Some classes offer embedded tutors, or tutors who are designated specifically for students in that class. We encourage you to reach out to them as they are most familiar with the material you are currently covering. If you do not have an embedded tutor, or cannot schedule a time with yours, the Pierce College Tutoring Center offers many additional options for online and in-person tutoring.

Technology Borrowing

Some courses will require you to have a calculator, computer, and/or wi-fi capability. The Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup Libraries have technology items available for students to borrow each term.

Access and Disability Services 

Pierce College supports an integrated learning experience for students with disabilities by promoting an environment that is free from physical and attitudinal barriers. Students are encouraged to develop successful learning strategies in collaboration with faculty and staff.

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may be eligible for services. Please contact Access and Disability Services (ADS) for more information on required documentation and the process for eligibility.

Services and academic adjustments are designed to ensure that students with a disability have equal access to all college activities and programs. It is the goal of ADS to provide an open door to any student who believes they may need our services. In addition to approved academic adjustments and services, ADS offers assistive technology and learning strategies for students.

Other Resources 

Pierce College maintains a directory of services and other resources at Pierce Advocacy and Resource Connections (PARC).