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Scholarship Application Essays

Most scholarship applications require an essay of some kind. The following tips can help you craft a winning essay that's sure to get noticed by scholarship committees.

Follow this link for a detailed list of tips for writing your essay.

  • Keep it simple.

    Your essay should not exceed one typewritten page, 400 word limit, single-spaced with no less than 10-point font. Essays are evaluated on quality, not word count, but the committee will not read more than one page. Since committee members must thoroughly review every application submitted, applicants who can make their case in a clear and concise manner make the best impression.

  • Keep it neat. Always type all scholarship application materials and follow the directions, if available, in the scholarship application form.
  • Keep it honest. Talk about your accomplishments, but don't brag or oversell your abilities. Also, be honest about your financial situation. Include details on your work and salary, as well as any financial aid you're receiving or if you get help from your family.
  • Proofread. Spell check your essay and ensure that words are used correctly. Have someone else read it and provide an honest opinion. Once you think you're done, proofread it again!
  • Plan ahead. It can be tempting to procrastinate, especially when you're busy with work, home, and school, but give yourself plenty of time to review and edit your essay. Always be mindful of deadlines.