How to Prepare for your Access Planning Meeting

Participate in the Access Planning Meeting

The purpose of the Access Planning Meeting is to engage in an interactive process to discuss with the ADS District Director submitted documentation and a student’s experience living with a disability. The goal will be to identify appropriate accommodations and/or auxiliary aids that can be implemented to create equal access in the areas where there are barriers caused by a disability. When accommodations are established, ADS will share how each accommodation is requested and facilitated on a quarterly basis.

Academic accommodations will be approved on a case-by-case basis and are individually designed to create equal access for a student. They can be approved on a provisional, temporary and/permanent basis by ADS, and additional accommodations can be requested/reviewed as a student progresses through their academic pursuits at the college

What to do after the Access Planning Meeting

Step 1: Review your ADS Student Eligibility Letter (SEL)

Step 2: Log into myADS portal and request approved accommodations

Each quarter, students are responsible for making accommodations requests through myADS in a timely manner as outlined in the Services Request Timeline.

  • Faculty notification letters are released starting 5 business days before each quarter
  • Some accommodations require faculty and/or departmental consultation before they can be fully implemented. ADS will partner with you and the class faculty on these specific accommodations.

Step 3: Communicate with each course instructor

Once instructor notifications letters are sent each quarter students need to connect with each of their instructors to discuss details related to how accommodations could be facilitated in each class.

Step 4: Communicate with ADS regarding any questions or concerns

The ADS staff is dedicated to ensuring the provision of approved accommodations and auxiliary aids. If a student experiences any difficulties in obtaining or receiving accommodations, or if any additional accommodations are needed, please follow-up with the ADS office right away for assistance.

Step 5: Follow up with ADS

Contact ADS if you have any questions or concerns as you attend courses, or for any additional reasons, such as:

  • Reviewing the renewal process for provisional or temporary accommodations
  • Reviewing the process for requesting additional accommodations
  • Discussing needs for accommodations beyond the classroom, such as
    • Clinicals, clerkships and internships
    • Field courses and field trips
    • Study Abroad experiences and excursions

Additional Information


All information documentation submitted to the ADS office is kept separate from an academic record and is considered private under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). ADS cannot guarantee confidentiality as there may be times when sharing some information in necessary in the facilitation of the accommodation process. Records submitted to ADS are not protected by HIPAA.

Release of Information

Students will need to submit an “Information Release Consent” in myADS if they would like ADS to discuss disability accommodations with a family member, healthcare provider, or other non-Pierce College staff. Please be aware this is not the same thing as a FERPA release. FERPA releases are available through Records and Registration.