Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Lab provides software and equipment for use by approved students. Below you'll find information on many of the technologies in the lab. You can also view more information at the Academic Support Center.

Voice Recognition

Dragon Naturally Speaking

When you use Dragon Naturally Speaking, it will change the way you think about PCs. You'll be faster, and have more fun, as you create letters, reports and emails all by speaking. Just talk, and you can surf the web, open and close applications, even control your mouse and the entire desktop!

Writing and Math Assistance


Inspiration® is the essential tool students rely on to plan, research and complete projects successfully. With the integrated Diagram and Outline Views, they create graphic organizers and expand topics into writing. This powerful combination encourages learning in multiple modes. As a result, students gain and retain a better understanding of concepts and demonstrate knowledge, improving their performance across the curriculum.

Educators use Inspiration to customize instruction, achieve standards, assess student projects and energize learning. An expanded selection of 120+ cross-curricular templates in language arts, social studies, science, planning and thinking makes starting assignments quick and easy.

Math Type

Math Type is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.

Reading Assistance

Open Book

Open Book™ converts printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format on your PC, using quality speech and the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology.


JAWS for Windows is a powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your screen using synthesized speech. JAWS provides many useful commands that make it easier to use programs, edit documents, and read Web pages. With a refreshable Braille display, JAWS can also provide Braille output in addition to, or instead of, speech. An array of versatile features and customizable options lets you tailor JAWS for your individual needs and preferences.

Zoom Text

With Zoom Text, seeing and hearing everything on your computer screen is clearer than ever. Zoom Text's Font magnification displays high-definition text that you'll recognize effortlessly. With our Neo Speech synthesizers, your applications and documents are read aloud by friendly, human-sounding voices - right through your computer's speakers. And with Zoom Text's productivity tools, finding what you're looking for is quick and easy.

Comprehension Assistance


WYNN -- WYNN is the innovative literacy software tool designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. WYNN was developed with the help of special educators and individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and aphasia.

By using a bi-modal approach — simultaneous highlighting of the text as it is spoken — WYNN transforms printed text into understandable information that benefits readers all ages and skill levels.

Text Help

Read & Write is a literacy support software solution for people who struggle with reading and writing. Read & Write has been designed to help improve reading & writing skills, with features such as text to speech with highlighting, talking dictionary, phonetic spell checking, word prediction & homophone support to address key aspects of reading and writing processes.

Read & Write allows users to be more fully included due to its collaborative functionality with mainstream Windows applications. This compatibility means that there is no need for users to work within a special environment or to learn a whole new way of creating and editing text, as Read & Write is an easy-to-use 'floating' customizable toolbar that integrates seamlessly within Windows applications such as Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.

Ergonomic Assistance

Dvorak Keyboard

The Dvorak keyboard layout is a control panel option on almost every current computer. It is a vastly more comfortable and efficient alternative to the standard "QWERTY" pattern, which was designed in the 1800s with no effective attempt at typing comfort.

Sip and Puff

Sip-and-puff technology is a method used to send signals to a device using air pressure by "sipping" and "puffing" on a device called a "straw" or "wand." It is primarily used by people who do not have the use of their hands. It is usually a type of wheelchair mechanism for people with quadriplegia with very high injury.

The mouth controlled input provides people with quadriplegia a simple and effective way to control mouse movement. Movement and operation of this joystick is similar to that of a 'Mouth stick'. Mouse button clicking is accomplished with the help of sips or puffs function of the joystick.


A popular pointing device that can be roughly described as a mouse on its back. Trackballs consists of a ball resting on two rollers at right angles to each other, which translates the ball's motion into vertical and horizontal movement on the screen. A trackballs also typically has one or more buttons to initiate other actions. The only functional difference between a mechanical mouse and a trackball is in how the ball is moved: With a mouse, the ball is rolled by moving the entire unit over a desktop or other surface; with a trackball, the housing is stationary, and the ball is rolled with the hand. A trackballs useful for fine work, because the user can exert fingertip control; a mouse is better for bold moves, such as those used in navigating within a graphical user interface.

Electric Table

Using these tables the student is able to raise or lower it to accommodate their heights, disability or personal preference.