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All teacher candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and math prior to acceptance into a teacher preparation program in the State of Washington. This can be accomplished through the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic (WEST-B), the SAT or ACT.

Candidates entering a Washington approved teaching preparation program may substitute a passing score on one or more sections of the SAT or ACT for the equivalent passing scores on the WEST-B. The adopted passing scores for SAT and ACT are listed below.

Cut Score Comparison Table

Subject WEST-B Old SAT Score (prior to 3/1/16 New SAT Score (effective 3/1/16) ACT (prior to 9/1/15) ACT (effective 9/1/15 to 9/1/16) ACT (effective 9/1/16)
Math 240 515 550 Math section score or 27.5 Math test score 22 22 22
Reading 240 500 27 Reading test score 22 22 22
Writing 240 490 28 Writing test score 8 23 8
Reading & Writing Combined Section   990 550 Evidence-based Reading & Writing section score      
More information on the WEST-B, including how to register for the exams, can be found on the West-B Testing website.

Any exam score used to meet this requirement must be officially sent to the university by the testing company. Official passing score reports must be on file by the BAS-T application due date.

Preparation Resources for the WEST-B

Contact our Tutoring Center for assistance in preparing for the WEST-B.

  1. Arrange an initial assessment appointment with the tutoring center supervisor at your respective campus.
    Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6737
    Puyallup: 253-864-3258
  2. Bring a copy of your unofficial college transcripts or your placement scores to discuss your specific areas of focus.
  3. Be prepared to work with the supervisor to create an academic support plan that may include a combination of self-paced study, concept tutoring, and academic coaching.