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Become a Host Family With Pierce College

Pierce College is proud of its International Program that promotes global community by students from around the world to our two campuses each quarter. Many international students are studying abroad to improve their English and to develop academically in a variety of degree options. International students have arrived from many different countries and seek to find a safe place and cultural exchange within an American family.

Pierce College is currently seeking host families to provide a happy, healthy and enriching cultural exchange with our students. Families need to have an open heart, value new cultures, and desire to help teach about their own culture and experiences.

While students provide a stipend directly to host families, they also want to share their rich culture and heritage to the local community and build lifelong friendships with new people. Stipends are designed to help cover the cost of hosting, but are not designed to be a revenue source.

Host Family Requirements

  • Family members must arrange for a home visit and interview and pass a background check.
  • Students must be provided with their own furnished bedroom (bed, desk, clothing storage, and window) and have Internet access.
  • There are 2 meal options available; 2 per day for full host experience OR no meals and students prepare food themselves.  Stipend varies according to meal choice.
  • Families must live within a 45-minute commute by bus or hosts must be willing to provide transportation. Bus travel to campus may include one bus transfer.
  • Short Term (2–6 weeks) and long term (3 or more months) hosting options are available. 

Hosting Options

Most host families become long-term hosts. We ask host families to open their homes for a minimum of one quarter (long term).

  • Full Hosting Program
    • 3 months to 1 year or more
    • Furnished bedroom
    • Host family provides two nutritious meals per day, one of which must include a warm evening meal.
  • Partial Hosting Program
    • 3 months to 1 year or more
    • Furnished bedroom
    • Student buys and cooks own food in the family kitchen

Housing Rates

Single Room Double Room Triple Room (limited availability)
w/ meal: $915/month w/ meal: $765/month w/ meal: $615/month
w/ no meal: $715/month w/ no meal: $565/month w/ no meal: $415/month

Visit the Homestay FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.


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