The Pierce College Business Management Program is designed to help students gain the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities employers desperately seek from top-employees.

Business Professional Technical Degree

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Gain a competitive edge in any field, trade or industry with the Pierce College business programs. Take a variety of courses, develop critical skills, and stand out in the marketplace. Earn a specialized certificate in just one year or an associate's degree in two. Getting ahead was never this easy!

Which Degree is Right for You?

Business Management Program Description

Our degrees and certificates give graduates an excellent boost in obtaining career job entrance and advancement opportunities as leaders, managers, marketers, merchandisers, sales professionals and experts in customer relationship management. Our program is governed by an advisory board of community members working as leaders in industry and faculty who help shape a cutting-edge curriculum that gives graduates an education that makes them competitive in the workplace and highly desirable to employers and four-year institutions.

Our program is for:

  • Individuals who want to grow their career in any industry as a leader, sales person, manager, human resource generalist, project manager or marketer.
  • People who wish to enter the management field with credentials that open doors.
  • Established supervisors or managers who want to advance their careers.
  • Individuals returning to college with some work experience who wish to transform their experience into college credit.

Flexible Online, Day and Night Courses

Our Business Management degree and certificates are on the Fort Steilacoom Campus or in the evening at our Puyallup Campus, as well as at the JBLM military base. Our Associate in Business Degree can be taken online, in the daytime and takes approximately two years depending on placement tests, experience and credits required. We have many certificates designed to help students gain specialized skills and training in fields in which employers are hiring.

Special funding assistance may be available for unemployed workers or low-wage working parents.

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Enrollment is open throughout the year. Start in the fall, winter, spring or summer quarters. Special funding assistance may be available for unemployed workers or low-wage working parents.


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Students must have a GED or high school diploma, and are advised to take a skills assessment test through the Pierce College testing center.


Certificates can be earned in about a year (40 to 50 credits). The associate in business takes about two years (90-plus credits).


The business transfer degree ensures that a student who completes the Associate in Business - DTA/MRP degree will have satisfied the lower division general education (or core) requirements and lower division business requirements at the baccalaureate institutions.


Pierce College business programs are designed to prepare students for career advancement across all work areas. A stable future starts here.

Program Contacts

Office of Professional/Technical Education
Paul Gerhardt
Professor and Business Department Coordinator
Annette Sawyer-Sisseck
Business Accounting Navigator