students walking on Pierce College Fort Steilacoom campus

Testimonials from Pierce Business Management Graduates

Learn more about the Pierce College Business Program with advice and recommendations from previous graduates.

latonya rice

Being a student here at Pierce College has been one of my greatest experiences. Having the opportunity to be in the Business Program motivates me to continue to set goals and make strides to reach them. The classes are very informative and the teachers are exceptional. I have only experienced positivity and encouragement. I can admit that I was scared when I first started taking classes but my professors and the Pierce College staff were and have been so helpful that my fears were eased. I've learned to expand my horizons and have been able to develop who I am as  person, a leader, a team player and a student. Pierce's Business Program is molding me into a better more experienced and determined business minded individual and I am thankful.
— Latonya Rice, Class of 2018

mindy hearring

If you would have told me that in June of 2018 I would be walking across a stage in the Tacoma Dome and accepting my Associates in Business degree, I would have laughed and called you crazy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would actually happen to me. I was given an incredible opportunity to go to Pierce College, and I took it and not a day goes by that I regret my decision. Pierce College gave me the chance to grow personally and professionally, and for that I am thankful. I have been able to become the best me that I ever thought to be possible. My time with Pierce College has me forever grateful and eager to see what life has in store for me. Thank you to everyone at Pierce College – especially the Business Program. I hope to be back soon for my bachelor's!
— Mindy Hearring, Associates in Business June 2018

alyssa brown

Before I started at Pierce College I always thought of myself as a business savvy person with a growth mindset. I could not have imagined how much more I would grow as I acquired my Associates Degree through the Business Department. My advisor and professor, Paul Gerhardt, challenged my thought process every step of the way and helped develop the person I am today. I experienced a group of staff that was engaged in my personal development instead of just teaching the classes I was in and that truly lived the lessons they taught. They are not just teaching from a book but instead are practicing members of the business community with a wealth of real life situations and connections to share. I completed projects that I can take into the real world and met people that I will share lifetime connections with. I found my passion for business while at Pierce College and know the path to take to get there because of the dedication the whole department has for each and every student. I recommend this program to anyone interested in any level of management as the skills you will learn will aid you in all industries and the community that surrounds Pierce College is among the best!
— Alyssa Brown, Class of 2018

chris sanders

I got out of the military in 2014 with a 3 week old son and didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that a business degree was a good place to start. I chose Pierce because of the great atmosphere that they created for veterans. When I started the business program, the first thing Dr. Paul told my class was, “I double dog dare you to not only get a degree, but to do it in style!” I did just that! I graduated as part of the Honor Society, a member of the Student Services Team, a 3.5 GPA, three certificates and a degree, a member of the first ever Alternative Break Service Trip to Nicaragua, and a recipient of the first ever Students Serving Washington Award presented by the Dean of the College. Never would I have dreamed that I would accomplish all of these things in my short stent at Pierce College. Those words have stuck with me and I look back on them when I am in need of motivation in my current job. So I will leave you with this, if you are thinking of getting a business degree from Pierce College it will not be easy, you will have moments where you feel like there is no end and you feel like quitting, but when you get that degree that says Pierce College on the top, you will feel like you conquered the world. Now I double dog dare you to start your journey at Pierce and achieve your dreams as well!
—Chris Sanders, Business Management, Class of 2016