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Applied Business Program Descriptions

Associate in Applied Business

The Associate in Business is designed to help busy adults gain the skills employers in every industry are looking for. A Pierce College Business degree can teach you how to be an effective manager, leader, entrepreneur, human resource professional, social media marketer, project manager, or supervisor. This powerful degree can be finished in approximately two years on one of our two campuses or online. Transfer options to four-year colleges and universities are possible.

Certificate in Business

This certificate covers subjects included in the Associate in Applied Business program in a shortened certificate. On average, this option takes about one year to complete.

Project Management Certificate

You can complete a Project Management Certificate in one year or less. Nearly every industry needs people who oversee projects. Our Project Management Certificate is designed to help you learn how to start, develop, lead and complete a project according to the standards of the Project Management Institute. You will learn to use the tools that project managers use, understand the processes for developing solutions to resolve real-world problems and align the project to the organization’s goals.

Short Project Management Certificate

This certificate covers subjects from the Project Management Certificate (above) in a shortened option. On average, this option takes about two quarters to complete.

Social Media Marketing Certificate

Pierce College’s Social Media Marketing Certificate was developed with the help of industry experts to help our graduates learn the technical nuances of social media and marketing in a comprehensive and interactive online program. Learn to use the tools of the best social media marketers and understand how to help your current and future employer learn how to take their communication with clients and future clients to new levels. This fully online certificate can be completed in about one year.

Human Resource Management Certificate

Pierce College’s Human Resource Certificate is designed after top graduate degree programs that focus on developing human resource professionals. Learn what the most effective human resource professionals do and get your foot in the door in a high-demand industry. Every organization needs human resource professionals to help them recruit, hire and develop employees. This powerful certificate can be earned in around one year and will give prospective employers confidence in hiring new HR professionals with a solid education and a portfolio that demonstrates efficiency in HR job duties and functions.

Entrepreneur Certificate

Anyone can start their own business, but to do it right, you must have the right knowledge, education and skills. Pierce College’s highly educated and experienced professors will teach you what you need to know from start-to-finish. Learn how to create a viable business plan, how to hire the right employees, understand legal requirements, payroll, taxes, accounting, selling, marketing, and customer relationship management skills needed to be successful. This certificate can be completed within one year with the help of your advisor.

Supervision and Management Certificate

This one-year certificate can be completed online or in person at one of our campuses. Learn the nuances and theories of the most-effective leaders, and understand how to recruit, hire and develop employees for success. Understand the differences between managers and leaders, while gaining the skills and experiences that will help employers choose you for management and supervisory positions.