College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Fee for DANTES Funded Candidate

Initial CLEP exams are free for DANTES funded students. If a DANTES funded candidate fails an initial exam, the candidate must register and pay to repeat the same exam. The cost to repeat the same exam is a $15 administration fee paid to Pierce College and an $80 exam fee paid to CLEP.  Please visit the CLEP website to see if you qualify for DANTES funded testing.

Civilian and Non-DANTES Funded Service Member

If you are not DANTES funded or a civilian wishing to take a CLEP exam, there is a $15 administration fee paid to Pierce College and an $80 exam fee paid to CLEP. Veterans may be eligible for exam fee reimbursement through their VA benefits.


Register/Pay on the CLEP website and bring the CLEP ticket to the testing center on the day you test. If you do not have access to JBLM, please contact our testing center.

Equivalencies for Pierce College

DSST and CLEP Equivalencies for Pierce College

Study Materials

Study materials are available in many different formats. Libraries offer a vast supply of study books, and CLEP provides online study resources.

Day of Test

Please bring the admission ticket provided by CLEP and valid picture ID to the testing location.


Examinees must wait three (3) months from their last test date to retest on the same CLEP title.

For more information, please call 800-257-9558 or email