Safety and Security Awareness/Crime Prevention Programs for Students and Employees

The Director of Safety and Security will conduct crime prevention and general security and safety awareness presentations when requested by various community groups, including students and employees of the College. During these presentations, the following information is typically provided:

  • General crime prevention and security awareness
  • Safety education
  • Discussions about topics such as
    • alcohol and drug abuse
    • active shooter
    • domestic violence
    • fire safety
    • emergency response and evacuation procedures
    • sex offender information
    • sexual assault prevention
    • theft prevention

Pierce College Campus Safety Sergeants and Officers regularly conduct presentations upon request by various college community groups throughout the year, describing crime on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods, emergency communications and response, reporting procedures, traffic/parking rules and permits, and courtesy services that the Campus Safety Department provides, to include escort services, disabled vehicle services, building access, and assistance with lost and found items.

Participants are routinely encouraged to be responsible for their own security and safety and for the security and safety of others on campus.

Information on safety and security is provided to students and employees on the Campus Safety website and via Campus Safety Notices sent through student and employee email systems. Information is also provided on a regular basis through The Pioneer (Fort Steilacoom student newspaper), The Puyallup Post (Puyallup student newspaper), and The Pen (employee electronic newsletter).

Crime statistics for the three previous years are published annually and can be found in the annual Security Report, downloadable from at the Security Report web page. Students will find additional information in the college catalog and the student handbook.

When time is of the essence, information is released to the college community through "push messages" sent over the college's computer network; email, voice and text messages sent to students and employee personal and work telephones and computers; and through the college's main website.

Courtesy Services

Campus Safety at Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup provides a number of services, free of charge, to our students, faculty, and staff.

  • Escort Service: Campus Safety personnel provide escort service from campus buildings to your vehicle upon request.
  • Disabled Vehicle Services: Safety personnel can provide vehicle battery jumps, vehicle door unlocking if keys are lost or locked inside, and preliminary investigation of a vehicular collision or auto vandalism report.
  • Building Access: Campus Safety personnel can provide access to secured areas within campus buildings upon request. If you need access to secured areas on weekends or holidays you must obtain written authorization from a division chair or other college administrator.
  • Lost and Found: If you have lost or found an item, please go to the Campus Safety office at either college.