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Washington 45

Community and technical colleges and four-year institutions of higher education in Washington have joined together to develop a list of academic courses that are equivalent to one-years' worth of general education credit. This transfer agreement implements legislative requirements and ensures that a student who completes any of the courses listed at a public community or technical college in the State of Washington will be able to transfer them as general education requirements to any public and most private baccalaureate institutions in the state.

  • This agreement is not intended to replace the Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate of Science Tracks I and II or any Major Related Program agreement.
  • Students are encouraged to complete a transfer program appropriate for his/her major.
  • Students who transfer courses within this agreement must still meet a receiving institution's general education requirements and requirements in major, minor and professional programs.
  • This agreement does not guarantee admission to a four-year institution.
  • Students must have a minimum grade of 2.0 or above in each course completed from this list.
  • Students may transfer a maximum of 45 credits under this agreement.

The following courses satisfy one year or 45 credits of general education requirements at all public community and technical colleges, four-year colleges, and universities. Students should review individual college catalogs to determine which courses are offered at the college in which they are enrolled.

  • Communications (5 credits) – ENGL& 101, ENGL& 102
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 credits) –  MATH& 107, MATH& 148 or MATH& 151
  • Humanities (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines)— PHIL& 101, MUSC& 105, DRMA& 101, ENGL& 111, or HUM& 101
  • Social Science (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines) – HIST& 116, HIST& 117, HIST& 118, HIST& 146, HIST& 147, HIST& 148; PSYC& 100, SOC& 101, POLS& 101, POLS& 202
  • Natural Sciences (10 credits in two different subject areas or disciplines) – BIOL& 100, BIOL& 160, ASTR& 100, ASTR& 101 with lab, CHEM& 105, CHEM& 110, CHEM& 121 with lab, CHEM& 161, CHEM& 162, ENVS& 100, ENVS& 101, PHYS& 114, GEOL& 101
  • Additional 5 credits in a different discipline can be taken from any category listed above.

NOTE: Although these courses are listed under categories, the actual course may satisfy a different general education category at a receiving institution.

Many private non-profit colleges and universities have distinct general education requirements. Students should check with institution(s) they plan to attend regarding application of transfer credits that will meet general education requirements.