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Statewide Major Related Pathway (MRP) Agreement

This pathway is applicable to students planning to prepare for upper division Bachelor of Science, Nursing (entry-to-practice/basic BSN pathway) by completing a broad selection of academic courses. Many students transfer to the BSN program after completing the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program (RN to BSN pathway); however, this agreement is not applicable to and does not alter those ADN to BSN articulation agreements.

This document represents an agreement between the following baccalaureate institutions offering an entry-to-practice/basic BSN program and the community and technical colleges system. Baccalaureate institutions party to this agreement include: University of Washington, Seattle; Washington State University; Northwest University; Seattle University; Seattle Pacific University; Pacific Lutheran University; Walla Walla College. The Washington State University Intercollegiate College of Nursing (WSU-ICN) is a consortium whose members include Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga and Whitworth. Associate degree transfers to WSU-ICN are admitted through EWU, not through the other consortium institutions. EWU participated in the development of this agreement.

Career Pathway and Course Information

Associate in Pre-Nursing (DTA/MRP)

An Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing/DTA is not required to apply to the Pierce College Nursing Program. The Pre-Nursing DTA does meet our academic coursework for prerequisites but contains some additional courses that are not on our required prerequisite list.

Associate in Pre-Nursing (DTA/MRP) Outcomes

General Education at Pierce College prepares graduates to live and work in a dynamically changing world by emphasizing whole student development through fundamental areas of knowledge and the college five core abilities.

Degree Outcomes