Advisor working with student

New students generally see an advisor during their New Student Orientation to help them get started with their first quarter. You will be assigned to an advisor after the orientation. Your assigned advisor will provide your Registration Access Code each quarter during your advising appointment.

Providers of Advising at Pierce College

  • Student Success Coaches conduct most of the New Student Orientations and serve as the initial advisor for many new students. They can assist with development of an Educational Plan and provide referrals to campus and community resources.
  • Faculty counselor advisors (FCAs) teach classes, but primarily advise and work with students related to academic difficulties, transferring to a four-year university, and career exploration/counseling issues, such as choosing a major, self-exploration, professional development, etc. They also teach a portion of COLLG 110 each quarter.
  • Faculty Mentor Advisors teach a full load of classes and advise students assigned to them. Instructional faculty advisors have some expertise or connection to a student's major or field of study.