Advisor working with student

Advisors' Responsibilities

At Pierce College, academic advising and career counseling are considered by both faculty and students to be important resources to help students clarify goals and maximize success. The mission of academic advising at Pierce College is to provide comprehensive, individualized and group services for students that support academic achievement, retention, graduation, university transfer, career and personal success.

Once students enroll in classes at Pierce, academic advising is primarily the responsibility of faculty. Advising is an intentional teaching and learning process that promotes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Advising helps students identify educational objectives that are suited to their interests and abilities, and evaluate the possible long- and short-term consequences of their choices.

Students' Responsibility

Understanding how a college functions is an important component of college success and mastery. Students have a responsibility to read and understand college policies, program requirements and important deadlines (information included in the college catalog). It is also important for students to access and track their own progress. After the student's first quarter of attendance, they are assigned a faculty advisor who advises in the specific program or discipline within the student's area of study. This is an important mentoring relationship. Students should plan to meet with their advisor at least once each quarter.

In addition, students are urged to call or email their faculty advisor to schedule a time to develop an educational plan and schedule of classes that support their educational and career goals. It is important for students to keep a file folder of their transcripts, educational plan, notes, and portfolio, and carry it with them to their appointment to see their advisor. This also helps students to access and celebrate their successes.