CATIA V5® is the most prevalent CAD/CAM system used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Give yourself an edge in hiring and promotions by learning it! Study online at your own pace. These web-based interactive courses include video demonstrations and lab exercises using the CATIA simulation program created by XDT Software. Register and begin a class at any time. Take up to 90 days to complete the five course package or 21 days to complete an individual course.

CATIA V5 Fundamentals Bundle (10 CEUs)

Item 0670
Fee: $1,975 (save $200)

If you are new to CATIA, enroll in this online package which includes the first five classes below at a discount.

Introduction to CATIA V5 (2 CEUs)

Item 0601
Fee: $435

This course familiarizes the student with the organization of CATIA V5. The student will learn how to search for information in the CATIA V5 environment using the On-Line Documentation. The student will learn to use the tools needed to examine, graphically manipulate and annotate objects for analysis. Solid model and assembly (parts and products) functions such as Tools+Customize, Edit+Links, Scan, and Renamed Views will be used frequently. After this course, students will have a solid foundation for later courses and exercises.

Assembly Design Fundamentals (2 CEUs)

Item 0602
Fee: $435

This course provides the designer with the tools needed to create and manage assemblies and sub-assemblies in CATIA V5. Topics include introduction to Assembly Design, Assembling Components, Flexible Assemblies, Analyzing and Modifying an Assembly, Designing in Context, Inserting parts from the Catalog Browser, and Properly saving Products (Assemblies) in the CATIA environment.

Sketcher And Auto-Constraints (2 CEUs)

Item 0603
Fee: $435

This course provides the student with the tools needed to build simple and complex profiles in the sketcher workbench of CATIA V5. Users will learn generic processes for auto and manually constraining profiles. The students will gain an understanding of the general concepts of and best process for fully constraining a profile. The student will learn how profiles affect Part Design and Generative Shape design workbenches.


Item 0604
Fee: $435

This course teaches the information and tools needed to create simple and complex solids that originate from profiles and surfaces. Subjects covered include Pad, Pocket, Shaft, Groove and Dimensional/Geometrical limit types. The course is sensitive to the fact that there are numerous approaches to specific solid feature creation and will discuss the pros and cons of different methods as well as present industry-proven best practices. 

Part and Product Integration (2 CEUs)

Item 0605
Fee: $435

This course expands the student's understanding of parts and assemblies as they pertain to the CATIA product hierarchy. CATIA V5's basic product philosophy mandates a mono-detail dataset rule. This is to say that a single document should contain only one detail level part design; Part Design, Generative Shape Design or Wireframe and Surface Design product. Students will learn important tools and techniques for working with product hierarchy.


Drafting Fundamentals (2 CEUs)

Item 0606
Fee: $435

This course provides the designer with an in-depth understanding of drafting in CATIA V5. The course covers drafting view creation, text, dimensions, GT&T, title block and border creation, the filtering of drawing assembly views, inserting a bill of materials, importing dimensions from Sketcher, how to properly save and print new drawings. Flatten out (unfold) a sheet metal part onto a drawing, and customize default values.

Wireframe Fundamentals (2 CEUs)

Item 0607
Fee: $435

This course provides a basic understanding of the skills needed to use CATIA V5 Wireframe. The basics of Wireframe (Points, Lines, Planes, Axes Systems, Splines, Connect Curves, and Curve Analysis within the Wireframe and Surface Design Workbench) are demonstrated and explained.

Introduction to Surfacing (2 CEUs)

Item 0608
Fee: $435

Equipping students with the basics of general surface and supporting wire frame construction is the goal of this course. Wireframe geometry consists of lines, circles, splines and points and is usually used in support of solids and surfaces. Surfaces are created primarily for use with solids, but many times are used for defining contoured areas in space as stand-alone entities. Students will learn how to create extruded, loft, swept and revolution surfaces.

Surfacing Operations (2 CEUs)

Item 0609
Fee:  $435

Surfaces are usually not complete unless operations are performed to finalize them. Operations include Join, Extrapolate, Boundary, Trim and Split and are typically used to complete the finishing touches on surfaces that previously did not connect or that are to be used in the creation of solids. This course will expand on the students' knowledge of surfaces by employing operations to create final surfaced products.

3D Functional Annotation (2 CEUs)

Item 0610
Fee: $435

One of the most desirable goals for any industry (let alone the engineering industry) is to become a paperless environment. This course will take students one step closer to that concept by demonstrating how text and geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT) can be applied to solid geometry in space. Two dimensional support planes are added followed by the necessary annotation to support production without the need to generate drawings. Prerequisites: V5 Assembly Design Fundamentals, Part Design Fundamentals and Wireframe Fundamentals.

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