Stay Active and Independent in Life (SAIL)

Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) Training

Health and fitness professionals, and those who work closely with seniors and the elderly, know that health and wellness are critical to quality of life as we age. Key pieces of that are fall prevention and the levels of physical and cognitive fitness that it requires.

Pierce College has teamed up with the Washington State Department of Health to provide Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) training to health, fitness, nursing, and senior care workers who wish to impart these skills to their clients, patients, and staff. These courses target fall prevention and have been designed in collaboration with physical therapy, nursing and public health experts.

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Through this online program, you will learn to identify motor, sensory, and cognitive systems as components of balance, and understand the role balance plays in the health and physical function of older adults. You will be trained to lead SAIL exercise sessions, helping older adults improve strength, balance and ability to perform daily tasks. The information you take away from the online workshop can be offered to a group class for up to 20 participants on a regular schedule, or it can be integrated into existing clinical, physical, or occupational therapy practices, or into existing exercise programs.

Course basics

Each online workshop provides 20 hours of experience. The training includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, practical demonstrations, weekly online discussions and evaluations.

The online workshops are entirely interactive. Instructors lead and facilitate course activities, while students engage in thoughtful discussions that apply what they have learned.

The program is flexible. Since you don't have to be logged in at any specific time each day, you can complete the workshop whenever it is most convenient.

Contact eLearning

For questions about SAIL course content or issues with logging into eCampus (the online course system), please contact Pierce College eLearning:

Voice: 253-964-6244
Voice (Toll Free): 877-353-6763

Community and Continuing Education Units

Students who complete SAIL training are automatically set up to receive Community and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  This is a service that tracks and reports professional education/development activity.

Note: The fee for CEUs is included in the tuition. Separate arrangements are not needed.

Students who successfully complete SAIL training will receive an official certificate indicating the CEUs earned. This certificate can be shared with employers or professional associations. The college will maintain a record of these professional training activities and provide verification when requested. For more information on CEUs, contact the Community & Continuing Education office at (253) 840-8452.